Checklist to Do Time Impact Analysis in Construction

time impact analysis construction

Construction is one of the most unpredictable fields of work. The involved parties may have a well-developed plan ahead of them to fix all the issues and problems that occur in the process. However, still, something unexpected can occur and hinder the progress of work. The most important issue caused by such hindrances is delayed in projects.

Keeping in view the issues and hindrances, the involved parties have to consider the option of the change orders, which can further delay the completion of the project. In such a scenario, time impact analysis is the technique that helps the concerned parties to keep a check on the schedule and file for claims accordingly.

This article aims to shed light on the checklist to do time impact analysis in construction and ensure smooth completion of projects.

Top 5 Steps to Essentially Include in Time Impact Analysis

A schedule is developed before starting work on a construction project and is followed efficiently unless an issue occurs. The occurrence of some issues can disturb the time frame and schedule. At that time, time impact analysis is done to analyze the previous workflow and pave the passage for the future. It is a lengthy process that requires the fulfillment of a few steps.

The following are some of the most important steps that the construction parties essentially need to include in their time impact analysis.

1. Study the Scope of Delay

The very first step in the time impact analysis procedure is studying the scope of the delay. It means that the parties have to develop a complete understanding of the directed change in the process of the construction. This directed change will help them explore the time wasted in it.

Moreover, it can also help the authorities make a rough estimate of the delay in the future due to the disruption. Such issues can cause conflict among the involved parties. Therefore, they often acquire the services of delay experts to analyze and resolve the situation properly without facing any new conflict.

2. Analyze Contract Documents and Drawings

Once you have studied the present condition and progress of the construction project, the next step is analyzing the contract documents and drawings. This is one of the most important steps which should never be neglected. It can provide great insight into the progress of the work.

Analyzing the documents and drawings will not only help the parties go through the agreement and conditions again, but it will also help them identify the point where the issue started. You will also be able to check that the drawings and documents were followed or not.

3. Identify Potential Affected Activities

The next step in the time impact analysis procedure is identifying the potentially affected activities. It means that the parties have to be very careful in checking if the activities and procedures detailed in the drawing were followed accordingly.

This is the point where the involved parties also need to find the flaws in the documents or drawings that lead to hindrances in progress. Moreover, the parties also need to mark the activities affected by the process and those linked with them that have the potential of being affected in the future.

4. Check Detailed Dates of Affected Activities

One of the most important steps in time impact analysis procedure is checking the dates of the affected activities. This is one of the most crucial points that require the utmost care and attention. The parties need to be vigilant and not miss any single detail.

They need to develop a detailed account of the affected activities. After that, they need to check the date of the start of the activity, its progress, the date when disruption occurred, progress after that, and the time required to fix the disruption in the process. The same procedure should be applied to all the affected activities.

5. Highlight Required Measures to Meet Schedule

The last step of the time impact analysis procedure is highlighting the required measures to meet the schedule. Once the problems have been identified, as well as the reason and time frame of it, the next focus should be on fixing it. It is quite important for the involved parties to make an effort to decrease the schedule delay to the maximum point.

If you are trying to do the same, you must know that it is not an easy process. So, you can consult the professionals for the sake of your project. You can acquire the help of a construction project management company and ensure to meet the schedule with the least possible disruption inset dates of completion.

Perform time impact analysis to meet schedule!

Following a defined schedule is significantly important in the construction projects. The parties have to hand over the project after completion, who may have to start their operations immediately. Facing a disruption or delay that impact the reputation of the project.

Therefore, doing time impact analysis, with professional support and help is essential to save the project from any loss. So, utilize all the necessary means to ensure the progress of the project and your profit.

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