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Building the Next Generation of Data Scientists Via the World Data Science Initiative

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The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) is on a mission to create a talent force of nearly 250,000 professionals in the field of data science.

Thousands of technical schools and universities are working in tandem to provide an appropriate seedbed for data science talent development worldwide. More than USD 300 million of subsidies for universities have spawned to help them attain global standards.

Since its inception in January 2020, the World Data Science Initiative has received registrations from more than 30 education institutions from 23 countries worldwide.

Why the data science initiative?

As data keeps expanding, the world will need more data scientists to analyze a large amount of data. Irrespective of the industry, most companies are trying to invent new ways to leverage data and transform it into a business model. However, like every other tool and technology, data science is only useful if it is utilized by someone efficient enough to use it.

The world is still undergoing a talent deficit in data science and companies have been struggling with skills shortage for quite some time now. As companies become data-driven, every sector will turn to experts who can help them harness data for businesses.

At WDSI, known to be one of the world’s largest talent development projects in data science, they are dedicated to creating a talent pool filled with data scientists. Institutions and technology schools that have come up to seek help from WDSI are also setting up their centers “Data Science excellence” within their campuses also called “Centers of Data Science.”

Besides data science, the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) also offers programs in multiple programs related to AI and machine learning.

Centers of Data Science is essential for universities to unlock creativity in data science. Through such initiatives offered by WDSI, institutions and technical schools will get the opportunity to receive a data science funds program.

The main goal for such an initiative is to help anyone and everyone interested in data science create an environment to help the curious mind get into the field.

Besides this, individuals get the opportunity to create a platform where training and sharing innovative ideas will take place.

What you’re being offered at WDSI?

Technology schools and educators who’ve registered themselves and have joined the initiative as beneficiaries are given the privilege of subsidies which covers about 40 – 70 percent of the cost accreditation, knowledge along with content.

WDSI allows you to join the new league of leaders in data science and create world-class data science talent for your industry and country likewise.

Universities, engineering, and business schools are allowed to obtain accreditation from the best and leading global standard bodies.

The World Data Science Initiative is ideal for high potential higher education institutions, world bank funded institutions, and large public universities to become the centers of excellence in data science. Specialist technology schools along with private universities that have been accredited by the Data Science Council of America can easily join the initiative. All in all, this accreditation will help these institutions adopt the curricula curated for the students.

Near about 200 universities and institutions from across 60 countries have been expected to be covered under the WDSI.

The global WDSI target:

  • 45 percent of data science schools and authorized education providers
  • 71 percent of accredited universities and institutions
  • 84 percent center of data science excellence and international centers for data science

The above-given figures are entirely based on the WDSI analysis of the leading studies on data science talent needs.

WDSI also consists of hundreds of world-class member institutions and each of these member-institution and university will project an unambiguous intent of strategic energy in leading the data science revolution.

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