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Breathtaking DIY Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding


There’s always something special about weddings. Whether you are a guest, a relative, or an organizer, the thrilling feeling of witnessing two people bind into one is always present. Besides witnessing those unforgettable moments, one of the things that bring us the awesome feeling during this event is the decorations and the venue. The combination of awesome venues and wonderful decors creates an additional ambiance that can touch the hearts of everyone at the wedding.

The good news is that achieving breathtaking outdoor wedding venues does not have to be very expensive. With so many popular do-it-yourself (DIY) tips around, there will be a bright DIY idea for your upcoming outdoor wedding .  Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Choose a naturally beautiful venue.

The innate beauty of beaches, gardens, and mountains just needs minimal touches to make it set for outdoor weddings. Some of the decorations that can be used are also present in the locations! For instance, hay bales will bring additional romantic and rustic theme in farm settings. The flowers in the garden especially in springs can produce a naturally breathtaking view too.

Set a focal point.

A focal point refers to be the overall frame in the area. Some options can be arches and gazebos. Check the venue coordinator if this can be provided, or if not, you can buy or rent. Better yet, if you are a carpenter or handyman or you know someone who can do a customized arc, then you can consider making one.

Hang some Christmas lights.

Who says Christmas lights can only be used every Christmas? Nowadays, these awesome lights can be a perfect tool to achieve an awesome wedding! This is best to hang up if you are getting married in the evening. Also, you can put some of these lights on your arches. If the location will be with trees, you can put some of these there too!

Consider additional lightings.

If Christmas lights are not enough, put some additional lighting like luminaries, lanterns, and torches. You can ask your event stylist what is best to put on depending on your preferred venue. Also, consider if there are younger guests to expect to avoid accidents. 

Mow the lawn.

Planning to say “I do” in the garden? Then it’s time to maintain the garden as early as possible and one thing to do this is to mow the lawn regularly. If the backyard is kept up always neat, it creates a better view on your wedding day. You can also plan what flowers and plants you want to highlight on your special day, and have it planted earlier. This can save you from buying natural and artificial flowers to be used on this day.

Blow some bubbles.

This may sound childish, but bubbles can surely create a marvelous and elegant ambiance on your wedding day. Use a bubble machine to achieve this, but be sure that an expert on this should control it. Moreover, make sure that the machine is out of sight, not noisy, and the bubbles are not coming very slowly or quickly.

Turn Your Mason Jars Into Juice Containers!

Mason jars are perhaps the most versatile items you can find in your kitchen, or in your pantry for that matter. Not only can you turn them into night time candles or lanterns, or fill them up with colored sand and use them as decorations, but you can also turn them into chic, vintage juice containers for your outdoor wedding reception. How cool is that?! All you need is three or four large, two-liter mason jars where you can store your lemonade or your natural shake or smoothie, during the day. However, make sure to add plenty of ice to those jars as well, as natural juices tend to oxidize particularly fast in the presence of heat. These jars are both aesthetically pleasant and great for decorating your outdoor wedding venue, so you should definitely put them on your list.

Turn Your Old Wine Bottles Into Chic Wedding Floral Arrangements!

We all know that professional wedding floral arrangements tend to be extremely expensive nowadays, and ultimately, it would be pointless to opt for a professional bouquet if you want to keep the entire event as simple and as straightforward as possible. Rest assured, though, for there are many other things you can use instead – with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can save money on professional floral arrangements and still feel like a true princess on your wedding day! Do you have a few old wine bottles in your pantry, the kind of bottles that you kept postponing throwing away? If so, then the day is saved: all you have to do is to give them a good cleaning and then to use them as floral decorations/arrangements. You can even add a couple of brightly colored ribbons or even some satin or some silk around the necks of the bottles, to make them look more elegant.

Cool Wedding Invites!

A simple rustic outdoor wedding asks for simple invites and stationaries, because ultimately it would make no sense to send overly pompous invites to your guests, if you plan on seating them outside, close to the barn! However, just because the rustic wedding invites are supposed to be simple and basic, this does not mean they cannot be beautiful – they can be beautiful and very appealing, but it is entirely up to you to choose the most suitable design and writing font for that. If you are running low on “creative juice” and you are out of ideas, then this tutorial will offer you an insight into some of the most amazing wedding invites that you can lay your eyes on – pick the one that suits you the most and have it printed right away!