Boost Your Product in the Market by Using Unique Quality Packaging

Boost your product in the market by using unique q-138dfeea

We use various products each day. Every item has its value and usage. But we all noticed that with time, every product is getting evolved. Who could have thought that we could use packaging boxes for showcasing purposes? We all use boxes to sell, store, promote various products. But now we can use some specific boxes to showcase our products professionally.


In this article, we would be discussing how to boost our product in the market. And how could we customize and use our packages accordingly?

What are Display Boxes?

These packaging cases are of various shapes, sizes, and dimensions. These are the days when we could use and see the product items presented using custom display boxes in almost every outlet. Without these packages, we can’t attract and increase the value of our products.


What are different types of display packaging boxes?

There are various types of displays. Each one has its advantages and unique features. We would be discussing each type for better understanding.


·        Countertop Packages:


While entering the shop, we always notice a box placed on the counter. This packaging box is smaller in size and used to showcase smaller products such as chapsticks and tissues. Like any other packaging box, these packages can get customized according to client preferences.


As countertop displays are smaller in size, it is easily manageable and also lightweight. These packages are considered to be perfect for attracting and impressing the client. Smaller products are getting ignored by the customers as they are not visible. And that is the reason why countertop displays are placed on the counter to highlight the smaller products.


·        Jewelry Custom Display Boxes:


This type of packaging boxes is getting used to showcase jewelry and ornaments. These packaging boxes are getting manufactured with glass and high-quality plastic.


Retailers consider these packages ideal as they can protect and secure precious ornaments from any dust or pollution. These packages have a transparent screen. And hence clients can examine the product and can decide which type of product they prefer to purchase. These displays are also getting used to highlight products like cosmetics.


·        Transparent Displays:


Transparent display packaging boxes are getting used for showcasing various products. You can use these packaging boxes to represent cosmetics and ornaments.


These packages can get manufactured with a glass of plastic. As glass is fragile, most retailers prefer to use high-quality organic plastic.


·        Power Wings:


Power wings are getting used to showcase products elegantly. These packages are placed and hanged in a place where they would be visible to clients. These packages are also getting used to showcase smaller products like countertop boxes.


·        Stand-Up Boxes:


Stand-up packages are more extensive and hence used to showcase larger products. We all have seen these packages in almost every shop. Standup packaging boxes are firm because they get manufactured mostly with paperboard and containerboard. It is a strategy to let the client observe every product to increase their sales.


·        End Caps:


End Caps are also firm and more comprehensive like stand-up boxes. End Caps are considered to be useful for marketing purposes. Retailers often place these displays at the end of the shop to attract clients.


·        Customized Display Packaging Boxes:


Custom boxes are the type of boxes that get manufactured and fabricated according to one’s preferences. You can get these packages manufactured in different shapes, sizes, dimensions. And can get them customized with various printing methods.


Customize Your Boxes with the Following Techniques:


Use various printing methods to showcase your products elegantly. Every method can give a different look to our packages. And that is why it’s always difficult to choose one printing technique. But no worries. We would be discussing each printing technique for better understanding.


1.   Screen Printing:


Screen printing is the method by which we use water-based ink. This ink gets absorbed within the package surface and gives a sleek look to the boxes. Most people prefer to use plastisol ink as it is easy to smear it around the surface.


We can use some equipment to smaller and control the flow of ink. This printing method is cost-effective and efficient. Moreover, the ink does not affect the nature of the box and the package remains organic.


  1. Gravure:

Gravure was first invented in early 1890. Every product, technique, the method is evolving. In the gravure printing process, a cylinder is getting used, etched with a specific shape or pattern. The material is passed through the cylinder. And from the other end, we receive the customized packaging material.


3.   Engraving:


It is the method that is getting used to giving a touch of modernism to our boxes. In this technique, we carve the design onto the box and highlight the carved area with metalized foil.


4.   Embossing:


This method is somehow opposite to that of engraving. In this process, the specific design, pattern, or logo is puffed out of the surface. We can also highlight it by customizing it with foil or pigments.


5.   Digital Printing:


In this method, we use an electronic file and imprint it on the packaging box. This method is cost-effective and efficient.


Now boost your product sales using customized boxes. Get your box manufactured and customized according to your brand worth. And also consider your client’s preferences.



Advantages and Usage of Display Packaging Boxes:


  • These packaging cases increase the value of the product.
  • These packaging cases secure the product from any harm.
  • These packaging cases enhance brand image.
  • These packaging cases showcase our product elegantly and professionally.
  • These packaging cases attract and impress our clients.
  • These packaging cases are also helpful for retailers and workers.
  • Custom display boxes manage our products and keep them intact.
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