Best Way to share large video files.  over Internet for free of charge

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Suppose you bought an awesome action video, or your self-created video, or a specific video of a memorable occasion, and you would like to share it together with your friends or anyone and you opt to send large video files, what is it you going to do? Facebook, Whatsapp or email will come to resolve, surely. 

But what if the video file is just too large to be sent via these platforms? Within the world of high-speed internet, here are shared some ways to send large video file over the web for free of charge. Read on to know the best way to share large video files. 


Method 1: File Compression 

This is an old-school method, so it’s one among the simplest solutions to send large videos files over the web. All you would like to wish to try to to is use a compression software. I like to recommend cross-platform program 7-Zip File Compression Software. Just put all the video files you would like to send one folder and compress the folder with use of the 7-Zip program. The 7-zip format may be a slightly more efficient format of file compression than conventional ZIP format offered. A file of around 100MB can efficiently be compressed to just about 12MB. You’ll now send the massive video file over email just by compressing and attaching the file thereto.


Method 2: Send large files using Google Drive 

Gmail allows sending file attachments up to 25MB in size. Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service that provides you a choice to upload a file up to 15GB in size and share it with anyone via a shareable link. It offers full accessibility over-sharing of content, so is the best way to send large video files. You will either allow modification capabilities or simply readability capabilities for the recipient with just a couple of clicks. The tactic is one of the foremost convenient ways to send large video files for free of charge over the web.


Method 3: Send large files using Mediafire 

Mediafire is cloud sharing program rather than cloud storage. Where Google Drive implements over file storage, Mediafire gives you advanced controls over file-sharing options. Free accounts give you 10GB of storage, which may be increased by completing promotional offers and referring friends, so offers an easy way to send large video files free. Paid subscription gives you the ability of advanced file sharing, one-time download links and includes 1TB of storage.

Method 4: Send Anywhere 

Send Anywhere is a cloud service that allows the user to cross-platform file sharing with up to 1TB large files to be shared with no restrictions. The file storage and sharing service are available as an internet app, as a browser extension for Google Chrome, as an Android and iOS app, and also as a software for Windows, macOS, Linux and even Amazon Kindle.


Method 5: Dropbox 

Dropbox may be a free service which provides up to 2GB of file storage and sharing for free of charge accounts. you’ll claim more storage by referring friends to use this service. you’ll upgrade to premium accounts that permit up to 1TB of storage and advanced control over the files like remote access and password protection. Dropbox has emerged as the second superstar after Google Drive to send large video files over the web.

it is to use dropbox transfer and how convenient itis so i’ve logged into my dropbox folder on the home page when You scroll down click on the link transfer now dropbox transfer works very easy, you can transfer up to 100 mega bytes with the free version more with a pro version you don’t have to have their file orfolder located inside your dropbox folderif you want to transfer it the recipient does not have to be a dropbox userand the file or folder that you send to them will be downloaded straight in to the downloads folder which is quite convenient considering all of us are running out of dropbox space now here it’s as easy as create transferand you can choose a singular file or folder and you upload there you goit takes a few seconds you will a link will be generated you can copy and pastethis link inside the email and sync the the link to somebody elsein that way so once you have sent the link you’ll benotified if somebody downloads the file or folder and you’ll see here you can you’ll beable to see how many people has viewed or downloadedthis file folder but there’s also an even easier way toget access to this let’s say i’m in a folder that’s locatedoutside my dropbox folder and i want to transfer this folder viawe transfer i right click on it send with transferand it’s as easy as pie and it looks a bit different to when i’minside my dropbox folder and when I click on a file that’slocated inside my dropbox folder because there I have the option to sharerather than there’s just a quick and easy transferbut you can still consider the transfer from there as wellwhich is very easy to do I hope this helps enjoy and go playaround with dropbox transfer


For not so large files, you will directly compress the file and send it by attaching via an E-mail otherwise you can, send the massive video files using WhatsApp Messenger also. While, if the dimensions of the file are extremely large, then you’ll either directly upload the file to cloud storage like Google Drive; or maybe use FTP services and send the file via a shareable link. Or maybe you’ll club up both the processes and upload a compressed file to a cloud service and make a shareable link for it.