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Best watches which can compliment your personality

best watches for men

Best watches which can complement your personality

In this cyber world, when we are surrounded by different types of equipment like mobile, computer, and laptop, etc., and timekeeping is not a problem anymore. But still, the importance of wrist watches can’t be neglected. 

The classic old analog watch is always timeless. In the case of men, it is the only piece of jewelry that can complement their personality. In the case of women, nothing can beat the elegance of a classic watch. There are a lot of versatile options available in the market, like the leather strap and the metal bracelet one. The leather strap gives a more formal look, however metal bracelet one the all-time winner. Here are a few of the best watches for men we are offering.

GUESS I14503L1

Figure 1: Guess |14503L1, Punjab optics, google.com

This beautiful watch belongs to a trendy Guess ladies collection. This branded watch has many satisfied customers around the world. It is a lovely and elegant style for girls and all age women. Not only describe class and style also reflects the confidence and success level of your life.

It’s strong, stylish, graceful, and durable bracelet is made of stainless steel. So, I can’t be broke easily. Beautiful mineral crystals are not only enhancing the design nut also gives a classy look and provide more improved protection to watch. 

Its display shows the date and time. Watch to keep you informed about the exact time that is presented in 24 hours format.

How many times do you stop wearing your favorite stylish watch because of water absorbedness?

Do not worry; Guess |14503L1 water resistance feature is quite impressive. It provides you 50 meter 5 bar protection. The value describes the pressure in water.

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. This watch can resist the water and can hold more pressure from its limit. Like many other watches, you cannot see time in depth. It does also not provide protection against condensation due to moisture. 

And this happened when you move from high temperature to low temperature. In this situation, you should visit a watchmaker for the removal of moisture inside the watch. Mostly this type of condition is not happening. So, you can enjoy the joy of wearing an elegant watch for a very long time. Guess |14503L1 also comes with a manufacturer warranty. You can buy for yourself and for anyone else as a beautiful gift.


Figure 2: GUESS W0674G4, Punjab Optics, google.com

GUESS Force W0674G4 is manufactured for gents. It is an impressive watch for boys and men. This amazing men’s wristwatch is made of Gunmetal PVD. Which is a high-quality material? Its color combination amazed you.  Silver color dial, blue color silicon rubber strap, and a beautiful design provide a look of elegance. 

It has a stainless steel back, which gives protection to the watch.

It is a durable product as well as it also describes the sophistication, moodiness, classiness, and style of your personality.

It is a tremendous digital wrest watch for men. It has many customers around the globe with a 5-star rating. It presents time in 24 hours format.

It also provides protection from water. GUESS Force W0674G4 has 100 meters of water resistance. You can wear them during swimming. Like other products, GUESS Force W0674G4 also has a disadvantage, and that is it is not providing any guarantee for resistance to jumping into the pool.

This watch also comes with a 2-year manufacturer guarantee. You should give a try to this product.


Figure 3: GUESS W1107G1, Punjab optics, google.com

Guess always makes excellent wrist watches for boy. It is another product from Guess series
Odyssey. Guess W1107G1 is a demanding product in men all around the world. It is a classy designed sport style watch for men.

It has a beautiful stainless steel tone casing with stainless steel tone bracelet. It comes with a unidirectional rotating silver-tone with black ring bezel. Silver-tone luminous hands complement and enhance the looks of the black dial.

Guess W1107G1 also has a solid case back and fold over with push bottoms clasp. It is beautiful, elegant and enchanting products which will enhance your personality.

This designer digital men watch is water-resistant and it is also scratch-resistant. It can hold the pressure of 100 meters or 330 feet in the water. You can swim with and swag with it. It has a date, hours and day sub-dial. You can arrange your day perfectly with each calculation of the date, day, minute and seconds are shown on this watch. It comes in the 24 and 12 hours format. This watch will definitely add worth to your style. I will also recommend this watch for you. Guess W1107G1 also comes with the manufacturer guarantee.