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Best Exercises for Weight Loss


Description: Losing weight is a severe health issue that requires more than a diet program. If you are looking for the best workouts, and are after weight loss, choose the specific exercise that works best for you.

If you’re looking for the best exercises, you most likely want to protect yourself from different adverse health conditions. Medical experts agree that all of us need to get actively involved in various types of workouts. But there is no doubt that you need to take exercising more seriously if you are struggling with weight loss issues. Choose activities for weight loss, depending on your health needs, to reap the desired benefits. Read on for a few of the best exercises for weight loss.

1. Walking

Contrary to popular opinion, walking is one of the most effective workouts for weight loss. It may not look like one of the best solutions to your weight loss needs. Still, credible studies have established that walking is a convenient and easy-to-implement method of exercising without having to purchase expensive equipment or spend a lot of money on the many premium weight loss programs out there. 

To get started, you only need to travel for about 30 minutes at least three times a day. Harvard Health provides that if you weigh 70 kg and walk for a half an hour at approximately 6.5 km/h, you burn close to 167 calories. This way, walking allows you to reap the benefits of weight loss without you feeling overwhelmed. But be sure you choose the best training shoes to protect you from any harm during the long walks and exercises. 

2. Jogging and Running

Jogging and running also form part of the top weight loss exercises for men at home. However, almost anyone can benefit from them. The ideal jogging pace is between 64 and 9.7 km/h. On the other hand, the running pace should be faster than 9.7 km/h. Most likely, you can jog or run and achieve your weight loss goals.

According to the Harvard Health study (cited above), jogging helps people who are 70 kg to burn about 298 calories every 30 minutes. At the same time, those who run for the same amount of time can burn 372 calories. Since you can do these workouts anywhere and incorporate them into your weekly routine program, they can help you to reap the weight loss benefits within a shorter duration than many others, such as walking. 

3. Internal Training

Internal training helps maximize your calorie burn. This exercise for weight loss involves alternating between intense effort and lower intensity. It can reset your metabolism and ensure your body takes a longer duration to cool down during and after workouts. Through this, your body takes a longer time to burn calories, which makes it one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss. 

4. Weight Training

Weight training is regarded as an advanced weight loss technique too. It can help you despite whether you have issues with your bodyweight alone or other health concerns if you use the recommended weight loss tips. If you want to burn the extra fat and build your muscles, as well, you have a reason to opt for the form of resistance training.

As you lift weights, you help to increase your resting metabolic rate. This means you do not have to get actively involved in workouts for your body to start burning calories. The increased muscles also make it harder for you to gain weight more weight in the future. As such, you get the same results as those who rely on different types of weight loss supplements, except that you do not expose yourself to any health risks.

For you to be successful, however, you need to add your weight loss training at least thrice to your weekly routine. Besides, you should not expose your body to the same moves at the same intensity consistently, as your body is likely to adjust to the workouts.

5. Swimming

Your aim should be to ensure your muscles are pleasantly worn out when you ultimately decide to leave the pool.


If you have been asking, “what are the best exercises for weight loss?” I believe these weight loss tips are enough to help you get started. Whichever exercise for weight loss you choose, however, ensure you do not work out barefooted. Additionally, create a simple plan and implement it.

Are you able to share any of your weight loss challenges with us? If so, feel free to comment below.

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Archie struggled with his weight for decades until he discovered the perfect solution. He teaches people to choose the right workouts and nourish their minds too. This famous health coach believes that weight loss begins in the mind, but the proper exercise also plays a key role.

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