Best Broadband Plans With Unlimited Data In India

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Our modern lives revolve around our devices such as our smartphones, laptops, and tablets but to help them function fully we need an active internet connection. That is why most internet users in the world rely upon broadband connection to get affordable yet high-speed data available to them. The best part of the broadband connection is that some of these broadband providers provide unlimited data on some of their broadband plans. With so many choices of broadband providers and plans today, it has become really tricky to choose a particular one that will provide you with more data. Many of the providers offer data benefits that will meet your requirements. The problem comes when you analyze the offers of the broadband providers and realize that most unlimited data plans are priced high by the broadband providers. Otherwise, they may give a very low-speed connection which will end up frustrating most internet users with issues such as excessive buffering while watching videos, choppy video calls, and slow downloads.

However, if you want an uninterrupted service and pocket-friendly broadband plan, you can look for Airtel internet plans. The Airtel fibernet technology will enable you to enjoy high-speed internet. You can get speed up to 1 Gbps, which means this broadband connection will enable you to get quicker downloads and minimal buffering. Unlike the other broadband providers who put a very low FUP data cap on the unlimited broadband plans resulting in users running out of the high-speed data and the data speed dropping in the mid of the month, Airtel provides truly unlimited data.

Let us discuss the Airtel broadband plans at length:

Unlimited: At a monthly rental of INR 499, you can enjoy unlimited internet speed up to 40 Mbps and unlimited Local/STD calls. The additional benefits that you will get with this plan include Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music App, Voot Basic, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Shemaroo Me, Ultra, and unlimited courses from Shaw Academy. Airtel Broadband now also offers the option for the users to buy the new Airtel Xstream DTH Box for free with a refundable deposit. The Airtel Xstream box has a built-in Chromecast that can help in converting any regular television into a Smart TV capable of playing OTT content.

Premium: The Premium plan also offers unlimited internet with a speed of up to 100 Mbps and unlimited Local/STD calls. The Airtel Thanks benefits that you will get along with this plan are Airtel Xstream, Shemaroo Me, Eros Now, Shaw Academy, etc. The monthly rental for this plan is INR 799. The Airtel Xstream Box is also available with this broadband plan with the applicable refundable deposit.

Entertainment: All that you have to pay every month is INR 999 if you take the Entertainment plan. The unlimited Internet with a fast speed of 200 Mbps and unlimited Local/STD calls are not the only perks. You also get additional benefits like Shaw Academy, Airtel Xstream, Lions Gate, Hungama Play, Voot Basic, to name a few. A yearly subscription to Amazon Prime is also included in this pack which gives access to Amazon Prime Videos, Amazon Music, and great deals and discounts on the Amazon in the website. Customers also get a Zee5 subscription with live TV, blockbuster movies, and other entertainment options.

Ultra: Paying a monthly rental of INR 1499 will enable you to get unlimited Internet with a speed of up to 300 Mbps. You will also be able to enjoy unlimited Local/STD calls. The other Airtel Thanks benefits that you will enjoy with this plan include access to Shaw Academy, Airtel Xstream, Hungama Play, Voot Basic, Eros Now, Lions Gate, Shemaroo Me, Ultra, Wynk Music App among others. The Airtel Xstream Box offer, Amazon Prime Subscription, and Zee5 Subscription are also included with this pack.

VIP: The plan costs INR 3999 monthly rental and you will experience unlimited Internet with a speed of up to 1 Gbps which is the highest speed offered by broadband providers in the country. This plan is apt for people, who need to connect more than two or three devices at a time and engage in high resolution online gaming, heavy streaming, heavy downloads, and other data-intensive tasks. Apart from unlimited Local/STD calls, users will also be able to enjoy Airtel Thanks benefits such as access to Shaw Academy, Airtel Xstream, Ultra, Shemaroo Me, Voot Basic, Amazon Prime, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Ultra, etc.

As mentioned earlier, if you want, you can also take the Xstream DTH box with 1 month HD pack with all of these plans. With plans like Entertainment, Ultra, and VIP, you will even get premium OTT apps such as Amazon Prime Videos and Zee5 available through the Airtel Xstream box offer. Also, you do not need to pay any extra amount for the router, as the high-speed Wi-Fi router comes free with broadband plans. With a professional-grade Wi-Fi router-modem, you can even connect around 10 devices. It is very useful for households that have many members and want to connect multiple devices. The Wi-Fi router provided with the Airtel Broadband connection also has an auto troubleshooting feature so that there are minimum chances of breakdowns and the resulting downtime. You can download and upload heavy files without any hassle.

The Fiber to Home Technology enables you to experience fully-dedicated Fiber optic cable with varied internet plans. The customers can choose the plans according to their budget and even with the most economic option starting INR 499 get most of the benefits of Airtel Broadband such as reliable and secure connection with unlimited data and free router.

To know more about the Airtel broadband plans, you can visit the official Airtel website and browse through their various plans and choose the one that suits your needs. Once you have selected the plan click on the buy now option and you will be directed to the page that would prompt you to input your contact number and address. The address can be picked up automatically thanks to the GPS assist feature. Once you have been confirmed that the services are available at your location the installation team will contact you on the number that you have provided.

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