Benefits Of Airtel DTH New connection With 6-Months Plan

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Are you planning to get a new DTH connection? With so many options in the market, it gets quite perplexing to decide the DTH connection that you should get. Many of the DTH providers have the exact same channels and it may prove difficult to zero in on the DTH provider that you should go with. To make matters more confusing many of the channels are even packaged together similarly which makes it difficult to choose the pack of channels that you would like to go for. One of the current leading DTH service providers is Bharti Airtel. One of their newly launched and best DTH products is Airtel Xstream Box that joins their existing Set Top Box or STB family of Airtel SD box and Airtel HD box. The speciality of the Airtel Xstream Box is that it can convert any regular television without many features into a Smart TV with the capability to play OTT apps and content. The Airtel Xstream Box also supports up to 4k display resolution and the google assistant feature so that you can search anything through voice search.

The Airtel DTH plans are affordable and you can even change the plans whenever you want. According to the new TRAI regulations, Airtel offers just like other DTH television providers, the facility to the customers to make their own custom pack according to the channels that they want. One of the best things that you get to choose as you opt for Airtel is that apart from monthly packages, they also offer quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. Among the long-term plans, the 6 months plan (half-yearly) is the most sought after. Wondering the benefits of choosing a 6-months DTH plan? Here you go:

  • No monthly reminders: When you do a DTH recharge of 6 months, you can be free from setting reminders every month to do your DTH recharge. The only thing you need to do is to recharge your DTH connection with a plan that offers 6 months package and check if the price of the package suits you. Once you do it, you are free for the next 6 months. This is a big convenience to the customers who want no interruptions in their television viewing due to the suspension of services due to not doing their recharge at the current time. If you take a longer plan such as a 12-month plan, you can rest even easier with only a yearly recharge that will be needed.
  • Cost-effective: The 6-months plans are usually cost-saving. These are offered at discounted rates. Therefore, while you do a recharge of the DTH plan for 6-months, you save quite some money. Through the discounts, you end up spending lesser money monthly for their DTH pack than they otherwise would spend doing their recharge monthly. The longer the pack duration, the more money that you will be able to save with the bigger discounts.

Safe against hike in the price: Once you recharge your DTH connection with a particular 6-months plan, it will not affect you even if the package is revised in the next few months. You will be able to enjoy the plan and the channels with the amount of money that you paid when you recharged your DTH connection. Even if the pack compositions change you can continue watching your favourite channels. If you want to add a channel to your pack before the pack validity expires, with Airtel DTH you can do it in just a few clicks through the Airtel Thanks App or by sending an SMS from your Registered Mobile Number. You can pay for the channels on an individual basis for as long as you want to watch them.


Regional channels are included: With many of the semi-annual packs, many regional channels are included. This means you do not have to pay any extra money for regional channels and enjoy the ones that are included in it. When you take the long duration plans you are offered the language packs so that your channels are included accordingly. This is great for people who enjoy watching TV soaps, news, and other programs in their local language.


Seven service days extra: Last but not the least, when you take 6 months plan or any other long-term plan, you get seven extra service days. This means you can enjoy your subscription period for seven extra days as compared to the monthly plans. This period is even more if you take a 12-month pack instead of a 6-month pack of the Airtel DTH.

The Airtel DTH 6-months plans start with the INR 799 pack. A few of the packs and their prices are:

  • UDP 6 Months Pack at INR 799
  • Orissa Superstar Regional 6 Months Pack at INR 1049
  • Karnataka 6 Months SD Pack at INR 1099
  • WB Superstar Regional 6 Months Pack at INR 1149
  • TN Superstar SD 6 Months Pack at INR 1249
  • Telugu superstar Hindi 6 Months Pack at INR 1397
  • Kerala Superstar Ultimate 6Months Pack at INR 1398
  • TN Superstar Ultimate SD 6Months Pack at INR 1449
  • Orissa Superstar Value Lite Sports 6Months Pack at INR 1649
  • Hindi Value SD Pack (ZEE-STAR-IC-Star ALP) 6Months Pack at INR 1681, etc.

If you are a busy individual who wants to be free from reminding yourself every month for your DTH recharge or find the 6 months plans more value-oriented, you can choose a 6-months DTH plan from Airtel and enjoy some nice TV hours every day. Apart from the many benefits listed above of opting for a 6-month DTH plan with Airtel, you can also enjoy an easy upgrade to a new Set-Top box with Airtel. An upgrade to the new Airtel Xstream Box from your Airtel HD or SD box only costs INR 2050 with extra INR 500 installation charges. If you want to upgrade to an HD box from your SD box it only costs INR 699 and INR 150 as charges for the engineer’s visit. To upgrade all you need to do is give a missed call to 88004-88001.

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