Beginner’s Guide to Increase Your Reach on Instagram – Learn How to Optimize Instagram’s Tools!

Increase Your Reach on Instagram

Many of us use Instagram as a platform to post our work on the internet, and this will be an excellent article for you if you are new to using Instagram and want to increase your followers and likes. Also, you can be a blogger, an artist, a singer, a start-up company, or even an individual trying to be an influencer. Instagram has so much to offer, only if you know where to look and how to use it. We like a lot of music and videos posted there, but we don’t have to worry about not being able to download them anymore as this social media downloader tool can help do so effortlessly.

In this article, you will find steps to use your account efficiently and also some tips on how you can reach more people.

Step 1: Switch to a professional account.

Switching to a professional account is the first most crucial step. When you turn to a professional account, you get access to a lot of Instagram tools that aren’t available to regular accounts. The best thing is, it’s FREE. The most important aspect of doing this is that you get to list your account as a Writer, Visual Arts, Start-up, Artist, Dancer, Fitness, Travel, etc.

If you are a start-up company or if you have a local business, you can even switch to a business account. Previously, Instagram required Facebook to log in to do this, but not anymore. You can change to a professional account without linking your account to Facebook.

Step 2: Understand your account better with the help of the tools available in “Insights.”


Under this tab, you get to see how many posts and stories you posted this week. You also get to see how many people saw your posts.


This tab offers two options, i.e., Discovery and Interactions. Discovery gives you insights on how many accounts you reached in a week. This can be important for you as you can set goals on how many accounts to achieve in a week. Reach, and Impression are two sub-tools available under Discovery.

Interactions tell you about the number of actions taken from your account and the number of profile visits.


The audience is possibly the most crucial tool Instagram has to offer. Here, you learn about the composition of your followers, i.e., their gender, age, location, etc. This section is accessible only if you have more than 100 followers. It tells you what’s the time and day when “most” people see your posts.

Now, this is so important because Instagram’s algorithm on how it shows the posts on people’s feed is complicated. Previously, it used to be in chronological order from “most recent” to the older posts. But now, it’s all messy. So, the best solution for this is to post when your followers are most active (and this is the exact insight “Audience” gives you).

Step 3: Know how each post of yours is doing.

When you switch to a professional account, you get “View Insights” and “Promote” options for each post.

With “View Insights,” you can monitor how many people saved your posts or sent it to other people (through DMs). You also get to see Profile Visits, Reach, Interactions, and Discovery for each post. Here, in the “Impressions,” you also get to see where most people came from, i.e., from Home, Profile, or Other. Or simply use Engagement calculator to know in details about how well your posts are performing and you can also it for spying on what your competitors are doing and follow them to get the right strategy for your account.

For the “Promote” function, you HAVE to log in to Facebook and link it with your Instagram account. So, these are the necessary steps you can follow if you have just started to post on Instagram. Now, if you want to know how to reach more people, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Be consistent in your amount of posts. If you have less content for a week, then post in a regular interval (like once in 2-3 days, instead of posting it all in the first two days and being inactive for the rest of the week).
  1. Increase your interaction with your followers through your stories. Post engaging polls or ask for their opinion through the “Ask a question” feature. You can make your accounts more attractive by using gifs, gradient texts, etc.
  1. Try posting between 10 am – 9 pm if you want to reach the people of all age ranges. To narrow your time range for a more effective reach, follow the insights you get from “Audience.”
  1. Follow similar accounts to whatever you are posting. This helps a lot of people discover your account in the “Suggestions” feed.
  1. Use appropriate hashtags. This is the most basic and essential step. If your hashtag doesn’t match your content, your reach reduces considerably. You can use specific or related hashtags. 

For, eg. Some of the hashtags I use for my writing account are #writing #writing community #writersofinstagram. After this, I use the hashtags which are related to my posts. The best tip here is to use the hashtags which have already been used in more than a million posts. When you type a hashtag, you see a number below it; so always choose the one which has the most number of seats.

That’s all!! Follow these steps, and you should be ready to launch your account on the internet. But, be PATIENT. Do not give up if you don’t see results instantly. It takes time to reach a large number of people, and you have to be enthusiastic enough not to slack off when reach seems minimum. It will increase if you are consistent in your efforts. Keep doing your best 24/7, and karma will come to you one day! All the best! We believe in you!