Bangalore as the Epicenter of Medical Treatments

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India has the second-largest population in the world and is one of the leading in medical care and medical technologies. Population and health care go hand in hand in India as there is a constant demand for healthcare providers and healthcare facilities for the number of people in each area keeps increasing every passing day.


Bangalore is located in the South of India, and there are many best hospitals in Bangalore that attract millions of people from all over the world for treatments, check-ups and surgeries every day. Bangalore is the epicentre of medicine in India as there are many top schools and colleges that teach medicine, and there are so many hospitals and medical colleges that treat patients in Bangalore. This makes Bangalore the perfect place for patients to come for examinations and treatments.


Why Bangalore?


  • Connectivity

Bangalore is a metropolitan city located in the heart of South India, not too far from central and very close for people coming from other countries because of the international airports and direct flights that land in Bangalore. The cost of living in Bangalore is cheaper when compared to other metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. It is also very well connected to both Domestic and International routes. This makes it the perfect choice for people in all directions to land in Bangalore for their treatments.


  • Medical Schools and Colleges

Another important point is the availability of options. Bangalore is a haven for med schools and colleges, and there are hundreds of doctors and postgraduate specialists that pass out every year. These colleges have Hospitals attached to it, and many big and small hospitals spread across the city. Some popular Medicine schools in Bangalore are Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Ramaiah Medical College, Dr BR Ambedkar Medical College, etc.


These are some of the top-rated hospitals and medical colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the top choices for students to study medicine as there are plenty of colleges to choose from. As a result of which, there are many Medical College hospitals and many Independent Hospitals as well, where all the best doctors and surgeons work and practice.


  • Research Institutes

Bangalore is also top-notch when it comes to research of medicines, pharma labs and research with regards to new disease control and drug development. Bangalore has many research centres where there are medical conditions being examined, studied, and solutions and treatments are found every single day. Bangalore also houses some of the best drug development and pharma research companies making it very accessible for the people and the patients in Bangalore.


In most cities, the accessibility to new drugs and experienced doctors is what delays the process of treatment and this difficulty is nullified due to the numerous research and pharma companies present in Bangalore. Some of the best hospitals in Bangalore have their own research centres so that even the advanced and rarest of diseases can be studied and treated within the hospital.


  • Treatment costs

Bangalore is more affordable when it comes to treatment and supporting charges for a patient and his family in Bangalore. Bangalore has a mix of the crowd, mostly tourists and travellers; therefore, rooms and lodging are especially cheap in Bangalore. Travel costs are also very minimal because most of the people here rely on cabs and autos to go from one place to another. Since there are so many hospitals and experienced doctors in Bangalore, there is no gap in supply and demand; therefore, the treatment costs are also very competitive.


 Most medicines and drugs are made in Bangalore, thereby reducing the price of the medicine. Drugs and pharmacies are plentiful in Bangalore; hence the costs of medicines and drugs is also quite less when compared to other major cities. This makes Bangalore the ideal place for any patient or medical tourist to live and obtain treatment from Bangalore.


All in all, Bangalore is a very welcoming and tourist-friendly city and has a very warm attitude toward medical tourists who reside in Bangalore for getting medical treatments or surgeries from Bangalore hospitals. There is no language barrier as well since most people speak good English, Hindi and other local languages, making it easy for anyone who flies and travels to Bangalore for treatments to live in the city. The city is very technologically forward, and most hospitals offer top-notch medical treatments that give foreign countries a run for their money.

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