Are you safely searching the internet?


Before you can answer that question, you need to realize that one can never be 100% safe on the internet. As soon as technology develops, there are new ways to get around the defences we put in place. Luckily, certain people and companies are dedicated to bringing you the latest in protection technology, so that you can be as close to privacy on the web as possible.

Ways to protect yourself

One of the most commonly known ways to protect your computer or other devices is to use antimalware/antivirus software. This, along with a firewall, is responsible for most people’s protection. This software is useful, their function is to protect, detect, and clean your computer from malicious software.

There is another way to protect yourself while using a public network, called VPNs. Virtual Private Networks protect you before an attack takes place and do exactly what their name says, they virtually create a private network which is used as a sort of shield between your device and the public network you wish to use.

These are useful in that they prevent your real identity from being detected, or at least that is what they should do.

There are a lot of VPNs available, so you shouldn’t just believe all of their claims. Be sure to do proper research about which VPNs are reliable and which ones aren’t, because you are ultimately leaving the protection of your identity in their hands.

Most of the time free VPNs are risky, as they often cut corners or limit customer service to minimize costing. This is why you should always research VPNs. Check out this Korean VPN blog for example.

Using a VPN


You don’t need to know too much about VPNs to be able to use one. There are very simple ones available that don’t allow much customization and there are ones where you can tweak every setting. Depending on your knowledge, and what you plan on using the VPN for, you can choose.

VPNs provide privacy on the internet, but how can they benefit you. When a VPN creates a virtual private network, you can choose between different server locations. These servers are located in different countries worldwide and change your IP, your digital identity, to match.

By doing so, you can prevent certain limitation applying to your existing location. You may live in an area that doesn’t offer the content that you can receive at home.

This can be due to government censoring, as in China, or due to service limitations, like Netflix USA. To get around this, you can change your location to a country which allows the service and continue enjoying the content from anywhere in the world.

Other Uses For VPNs

VPNs are also useful for those who make international Skype calls. They can change their location and pay domestic rates using the app because Skype will know the user is now in the local country of the person being called.

This trick is not frowned upon by Skype either. The costs applied to connect someone via the various exchanges to make what is effectively a VOIP is why the costs of international calls using Skype increase.

As long as you as a VPN user can cut down Skype’s costs streaming VOIP traffic across non-VOIP telecoms systems, then Skype is not losing out by having to pay more for the connection.

Therefore, you are perfectly within your rights to use this method without any penalties applied. It is particularly useful for booking hotels with local travel agents as well as flights as these types of booking can take a long time on the phone to complete.

Also, for those who download using torrents, VPNs are not only great for hiding your identity, they also prevent what is known as ‘speed throttling’. This is not an issue in every country, but there are some countries this does happen and as such VPNs can be used to speed up the download process.

Of course, if you are in a country where your ISP frowns upon the use of torrent software, then the advantage of VPNs is 2-fold because you get both privacy and the VPN will solve the throttling issues.

As you can see, VPNs are great to protect your privacy while online, they are great for torrent downloads, and if you use Skype for international calls to landlines and mobile phones, you can also save costs!

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