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Amazing ways to spend a memorable weekend in London


Short trips are always the most intense ones, especially if the place you decide to visit is a metropolitan city, just like London. Therefore, if your plan for the next weekend is to go on an adventure to the British capital, then there are a few things and locations that you must not miss so that the entire experience can be a memorable one. Therefore, check out the following guide and start planning your amazing trip to the beautiful and vibrant city of London.

Go for a night out

Since you are planning your trip on a weekend, then this means that you are going to be in London exactly when people are going out the most. Therefore, we recommend you to experience nightlife in this city, by going out for a drink, having dinner in a fancy restaurant, and then continue your amazing night in a nightclub. The center of the city is full of people on Friday and Saturday nights, who are looking for fun. The entire atmosphere is extremely vibrant, and the streets are very crowded as well. If you are in London alone, then in order to make your weekend spent here, a memorable one, you need to go for London escorts. If you haven’t hired and lady like this before, then this is the perfect place as well as the perfect time to do so, in order to live a memorable experience. Even if lots of countries worldwide deal with the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus, and even if the escort industry has also been affected, many of these girls are still doing their job, and London is still one of those cities where you can easily find a charming lady. All you have to do is to type escorts near me, in order to search for the closest girl to your hotel.

Visit Dover Street in order to transport yourself to India


Do you want to see a different and unique art show? Well, then you must definitely visit Dover Street. This place will take you on a journey of the most creative diversity that actually takes place in urban India these days. Through the wonderful paintings, incredibly beautiful paintings, and stunning sculptures, visitors will be transported across the other corner of the world, in order to see what life is without the need to step foot on a plane. Here, you will be able to enjoy an afternoon filled with culture. The show features nearly 40 pieces of art, created by talented artists, and in plus, it will offer a platform for young artists as well. The exhibition from Dover Street is without a doubt absolutely amazing.

Enjoy a fancy drink at Hackney

Hackney is a very popular area in London, due to its amazing bars, but once you get here, we recommend you to try Machine No.3. Here, you will be offered fancy drinks as well as expertly picked craft beer and organic wines, which taste absolutely delicious. If you are a little bit hungry, then go for the cheese boards. You will certainly not regret this choice. In order to find out more about what’s going on here, make sure you visit the bar’s official website.

Take your time to relax in Hyde Park

There is no doubt that Hyde Park is one of the best places in London where you can relax and be surrounded by bay beautiful nature. The park is absolutely huge, and if you want you can do some exercise as well here. You can jog, you can cycle, and more, as there is plenty of space to feel ultra-comfortable. In order to rest your feet and have a delicious coffee while you admire the beautiful lake and the swans, we recommend you to go to one of the several cafes located all over Hyde Park.

Chinatown will highly impress you

Once you step into the Chinatown, you will surely feel like you step into a whole new world. This place is gorgeous and extremely vibrant. Take your time to visit this location in London and explore to the fullest everything that it has to offer. You will be able to try some amazing dishes at the numerous restaurants available here, or you could go for the street food, which is also absolutely delicious. Also, make sure you enter the shops and buy some attractive and unique souvenirs for your family and friends. They will definitely love interesting and lovely items. Chinatown is quite crowded, and that’s why we recommend you to visit it in the morning, especially if you plan to visit London on a weekend.

Travel through time in Shoreditch

If you go to this place, then you will most probably feel like you are traveling through time. The Hoxton is actually hosting some of the best speakers as well as authors in the world, in order to bring to life, the scenes, the pop culture, and also the ideas of a forgotten time. Here, visitors will have the chance to experience history through drinks, scents, and sounds, and in plus, with a free cocktail to boot.

Best views in London

Even if you are going to be in London just for a weekend, we strongly recommend you go to those spots from where you can highly enjoy some of the most amazing views of the metropolitan city. For example, try the London Eye, or go to the wonderful Alexandra Palace located in the north of the city. There is no doubt that there are numerous places where visitors can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of London, from hilltops to romantic restaurants situated on the last floor of the buildings.

Shopping in London is simply crazy

If you are looking for a place in London to do some shopping, then there are important spots that we highly recommend you. The first one is Westfield, a massive shopping center where you can basically find anything you want, and the second is the famous Oxford Street, which has more expensive shops. However, no matter what you choose, we are sure that your shopping experience in London will be absolutely amazing.

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