Airtel Postpaid Plans Offering Eight Add-On Connections

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Bharti Airtel is a highly reputed name in the telecom industry. The brand is not only popular in India, but abroad as well. Over the years, Airtel has come up with various services which include Prepaid, Postpaid, Broadband, and DTH. One of its most sought after services is the Postpaid service. Users have been seen doubling every year with a steady number of people migrating from the prepaid services and porting from other mobile operators. The reason why people are taking this service is not only the uninterrupted services but also the pocket-friendly plans and the various benefits that come along which are considered by many to be better than the postpaid plans of other operators.

With every postpaid plan, you will get 3G/4G data with rollover for the next month which comes in handy for customers who majorly use wi-fi internet connection but need to keep a bulk of data for emergencies. The data that is provided with the postpaid plans starts with 40 GB and goes up to unlimited data based on which plan one wants to opt for. With unlimited Local, STD, and roaming calls, you will also get 100 SMS per day. What more? You will also get Airtel Thanks Rewards such as Airtel Xstream App with all the plans. With some of the plans, you will even get benefits like access to Amazon Prime subscription, Airtel Xstream App, Disney + Hotstar VIP, and Handset Protection. Here are the postpaid plans of Airtel and the benefits that you can choose the one that is right for you.

INR 399 Plan – The newest entrant in the Airtel Postpaid family, the INR 399 plan comes armed with 40 GB monthly data with rollover, 100 daily SMS, and unlimited STD, Local, and Roaming calls. The plan also provides Airtel Xstream App as the Airtel Thanks Rewards.

INR 499 Plan – The INR 499 Airtel Postpaid plan with 75 GB rollover data, 100 SMS daily, unlimited calls on local and STD numbers. The Airtel Thanks rewards here include Amazon Prime Video yearly subscription, Airtel Xstream App, Disney+ Hotstar, and Handset protection.

If you think postpaid plans only about these benefits, then you are yet to know some of the biggest benefits that come with postpaid plans. With a few of the postpaid plans, you will even get add-on connections. Here are the plans with which you will get family add-on connections which can reduce the household mobile expenses by more than 25%:

INR 749 Plan: You can get this plan by paying INR 749 every month and get 125 GB data with rollover, 100 daily SMS, and unlimited local and STD calls. On Airtel Thanks rewards, you get Amazon Prime Video, Airtel Xstream App, Disney+ Hotstar, and Handset protection. The plan also offers you two free family add-on connections. Out of the two add-on connections, one will be regular and the other is for data.

INR 999 Plan: At a monthly rental of INR 999, you will be able to avail of four free family add-on connections. Of the four add-ons, three are regular add-on connections while one is only data. The plan benefits unlimited calls, 100 daily SMS, and 150 GB of data with rollover that can be shared by the entire family. The benefits such as a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Airtel Xstream App, handset protection, and Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

INR 1599 Plan: While the monthly rental plan of INR 1599 comes with so many benefits, it offers only one family add-on for a regular SIM. The benefit that this Postpaid plan has over all others is that it offers truly unlimited data for both connections in addition to providing 100 daily SMS, unlimited local and STD calls. Airtel Thanks Rewards of Amazon Prime Videos yearly subscription, and Airtel Xstream App, Handset protection, Disney+ Hotstar subscription, Wynk music app, and others are also included. If you choose the INR 1599 plan, you will even get 200 ISD minutes and 10% off on the International Roaming pack.

With the family add-on connections, the customers can get the benefit of having just one bill for all the postpaid connections, and therefore it can be easier for them to keep track and manage the connections. If you are already an Airtel Postpaid customer using the plans that offer the family add-on connections, you can add your family members to your plan in just a few steps. You just need to log in to the Airtel Thanks app and head to the “More” button on the lower right section of the landing page. Once there click on “My Airtel” followed by “Manage Accounts” and then choose your prepaid account. You will be directed to the account management screen with the tab Manage Family. Clicking on it will show the status of your add-on connections and the option to add other family members here. You can also remove the family member numbers if you do not want to include their number in this plan anymore.

If you are a prepaid user and want to switch to Airtel postpaid connection and enjoy all the benefits that come along with each of the plans, you can carry out the process of taking postpaid in just a few steps. You have to visit Airtel’s website and go to the postpaid tab first. From the dropdown, you can click on ‘Buy New Connection’ and choose a plan that suits your needs. You can activate your SIM-free of cost and without any hassle. The SIM will be delivered to your doorstep.

The best thing about switching to Airtel Postpaid connection is that through the family plans you can save up to 25% on your family’s mobile expenditure. And now if you are interested in taking a postpaid connection without changing your mobile number, all that you need to do is to visit Airtel’s website and visit the “Port to Airtel” section under the postpaid dropdown. And for any confusion or hindrance, you can get in touch with the Customer Care Service and you will be guided through.

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