A Tour Of The 3 Royal Forts of Rajasthan: Ultimate Guide

  • Bhangarh Fort: A Haunted Fort 

Situated on the outskirt of Sariska Tiger Save in the Alwar area of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort is a seventeenth-century best fort in Rajasthan, famous in India for being ‘India’s most spooky spot.’ Indeed, even the Archeological Review of India or ASI precludes local people and sightseers from entering the fort around the evening. It demolished; the spooky fort of Bhangarh has a truly horrible, harmful emanation. A few legends have affirmed the unique occasions inside the fort. 

Story and history of Bhangarh Fort 

The historical backdrop of the fort is hundreds of years old. It is accepted that one of the Navratnas of Akbar’s court was operated by Man Singh I for his child Madho Singh I. 

The Bhangarh Fort, lost for ages, has two perspectives on the narrative of Rajasthan. Let me relate to the story first. The two sides can hang tight for quite a while. 

There is a second legend behind the fort of Bhangarh, which is more mainstream than the principal, guaranteeing that Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was answerable for the condition of the end times outside the fort. A dark neighborhood performer experienced passionate feelings for her (the princess is supposed to be delightful) and once attempted to mess with a restorative she was going to utilize, making her begin to look all starry eyed at. The princess sniffed the doubts and thwarted the whole plot of the dark entertainer and put a quill restorative on a gigantic rock of stone, who squashed and murdered the ‘Tantrik’. Before the performer takes his final gasp, he forces a revile on the whole scene that no spirit will have the option to live there in harmony. The entire scene around the Bhangarh Fort has been kept up from that point forward. 

The fort of Bhangarh in Rajasthan was worked by Raja Madhosingh, a more youthful sibling of Man Singh, general sibling of Lord Akbar. It was accomplished in the wake of getting an endorsement from the austere Master Balu Nath, who reflected at this spot. As indicated by regular fables, the plain directed a pledge to the ruler that the fort’s shadow would not contact his contemplation region. Be that as it may, the lord neglected to stay faithful to his commitment. When Chhaya reached their place, Master Balu Nath reviled the town to remain cover free. If a rooftop is as yet constructed today, it before long crumples. 

Another story is about Tantric Singhia, who went gaga for Princess Ratnavati. He attempts to utilize enchantment to beat her, yet the princess learns of his abhorrent plans and requests him to execute her. Before the tantric kicked the bucket, he too reviled the inhabitants of the fort to pass on, and the occupants of the town were for all time roofless.

  • Jaigarh The Royal Fort Jaipur

Inside the fort, the complex is a Persian style garden which is isolated into four sections. The best thing about the fort is its windows, which are made of the cross-section. These windows permit full perspective on the untouchables, yet nothing can be seen from outside. 

Jaigad Fort Visit 

The Jaigad Fort is a significant structure arranged on the Tila slopes of Chila in Jaipur. This fort is nearby the Golden Fort, otherwise called the Fort of Vijay, planned and executed by the gifted draftsman Vidyadhar. It is supposed to be the most grounded of the three forts and is known for the colossal fortunes fundamental it. 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Jaigarh Fort 

The most significant time you should decide to visit the Golden Fort is throughout the winter season or storm, as the mid-year months are searing and burning. Voyaging 11 km via vehicle drive or taxi from Jaipur is the most helpful approach to reach Jaigarh Fort. When you visit the fort, you will go over Lalit Mandir, Vilas Mandir, Lakshmi Vilas, and Aram Mandir just as Slam Harihar worked in the tenth century and Kaal Bhairav ​​temple worked in the twelfth century. It is around 3 km long and one km wide with excellent nurseries, Aram Sanctuary, Sagar Lake, and a charming scene. 


Above Golden Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302001 


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 


Open and government occasions.

  • Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort was worked by Rao Jodha in 1438, after which the city of Jodhpur was manufactured. 

The dividers of the fort are 11 118 feet in tallness and 79 feet in width. 

Its huge territory. 

Different royal residences are situated inside the fort dividers, which they have. 

Mind-boggling, distinct personality with Rajasthani carvings and structures. 

Two old sanctuaries are likewise situated in the fort, with the rest. 

The works bear more than 500 centuries of works by different specialists. 

Inside the fort, there are relics and old curios that come in the exhibition hall.  

Artists play customary people tunes at the passage of the fort, which makes it alluring. 

Attractions for vacationers. 

The name Mehrangarh is gotten from a blend of two Sanskrit words: ‘Mihir.’ 

The importance of Sun God and fort implies fort. 

It is accepted that families who lived in Mehrangarh Fort are allowed to be conceived. 

Surya Dev from Hindu folklore. 

Legend has it that a priest named Cheria Nathji lived on a slope. 

The sanctuaries situated inside the complex of the fort are known as Chamunda. 


The zipline action known as Flying Fox is a genuinely agreeable encounter. 

The fort of Mehrangarh and numerous vacationers make it a point to appreciate it during their time. 


The castles of Mehrangarh Fort are known as the Sheesh Mahal (reflect corridor), Moti. 

The castle (pearl-hued glass windows) where the Maharaja kept himself 

Court), Phool Mahal (uncommon corridor of regal recreation exercises) 

Family), and Zenana Deodari (ladies’ sandstone quarters). 

Individuals for the most part act in customary Rajasthani outfits 

Visit Mehrangarh Fort, which speaks to the bona fide culture of Rajasthan. 

Playing instruments and singing people melodies. 

If you are loosening up the air of the fort to meander all the niches 

Crevices. Along these lines, you can likewise observe the Chokelo Nurseries situated in the fort. 


Over 200 hawks gather each day from 3.30 pm to 4 pm, when a little youngster. 

The fort takes care of the falcons from the head of the pinnacle selected by the administration. 

From Chokelo Nurseries, which is fascinating to see. 

Rising and impervious from rough slopes, 120 meters over the Jodhpur horizon, Mehrangarh is one of India’s most magnificent forts. The fight is 6 meters to 36 meters high, and as the development material was attached to the stone on which the fort stands, the structure converges with its base. Still run by the Jodhpur illustrious family, Mehrangarh is brimming with history and legend. 

The primary entryway of Mehrangarh is on the Upper east Door, Jai Pol. It is around 300 meters from the old city to the passage, or you can take a winding 5 km autorickshaw ride (about 120 km). 

Maharaja Man Singh worked Jai Mann in 1808 after the thrashing of the powers attacking Jaipur. The exhibition hall’s ticket office and a little bistro of the past, the sixteenth century Dod Kangra Pol, had an external entryway before Jai Pol’s development. What’s more, there are as yet 1808 gun marks. The first course goes through the sixteenth century Amritiya Pol and afterward Loha Pol, the early access to the fort, which has iron spikes to forestall for elephants. Inside the entryway are two arrangements of little impressions, sati of regal widows (widow’s self-destruction at spouse’s memorial service) – the last to perform sati was the widow of Maharaja Man Singh in 1843.

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