A Complete Guide On Field Terminated And Pre-Terminated Fiber Optics

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Following all the necessary steps while installing fiber optics is very crucial. If the fiber optic cable installation does not care about precautionary measures, you will not get satisfactory results. The performance of the wires will not be as good as you were expecting.

While installing the cables, the installer must take care of the termination methods. Fiber optic termination is an important step in its installation. In fiber optic termination, the fiber cables connect to other devices and equipment. The purpose of fiber optic termination is to make a reliable connection by the proper distribution and transmission of light signals.

There are generally two methods for the termination of fiber optics discussed below.

  • Splicing method

In this termination method, two ends of the fiber cables connect directly. The two ends connecting has no joint or support in between them. Splicing is the permanent termination method.

  • Connector joints

In this termination method, two ends of fiber cables connect using a connector. The connector acts as a joint between the two ends of the fiber cables.

Keep reading the article to know more about fiber optic termination before installing your fiber cables.

What are field terminated fiber optic cables?

The fiber cables you get from the company and terminate with your workforce’s help is known as field terminated fiber optics. For field termination, the first step to perform is to strip the jacket on the fiber strand carefully. Then the fiber is passed through a cleaver to cut it to the required or actual length. After cutting it to equal lengths, the connectors are adds to the fiber cable.

This whole process sure is tricky and require a lot of care. To install your fiber optic cables, hire fiber optic cable Dubai based companies to do the installation carefully and save your time.

Advantages of field terminated fiber optic cables

The field termination methods have some advantages over pre-terminated fiber optic cables.

1. Exact lengths

Before connecting to a connector, fiber cables are cut to equal lengths; cutting the fiber to equal lengths will help reduce the time to measure and match all other wires’ heights.

2. Cable pulling

Cable pulling becomes easier and convenient as there are no connectors attached to it. Pulling the cables become suitable from any of the sides.

Disadvantages of field terminated fiber optic cables

1. Time-consuming

Splicing the fiber cables on the field takes a lot of time and effort. That is why experts recommend getting pre-terminated fiber cables over factory terminated cables.

2. Installation cost

For the installation of field terminated cables, you have to hire a workforce to deal with the wires’ technicalities. It increases the overall installation cost of the fiber cable.

3. Connector polishing arrangements

Cable and connector polishing is one of the most important steps in the installation of the cables. Without cleaning the connectors, optimum results are difficult to achieve.

What are pre-terminated fiber optic cables?

Pre-terminated fiber cables or factory terminated lines are the ones that have connectors with them already. The wires that terminated in the factory are assembled, polished, and tested. The user does not have to do extra activities like performance testing and cleaning the connectors while installing them.

Advantages of pre-terminated fiber optic cables

The pre-terminated cables have a wide range of advantages over field terminated cables. Some of the benefits are as follows.

1. Less time consuming

The pre-terminated cables take less installation time as they are ready to install. Plug and play services are available with pre-terminated threads. No extra effort or workforce is needed to install the wires.

2. Polished and tested cables

The cables you get are pre-polished. The user does not have to buy extra tools to polish the fiber cables. The performance testing also happens in the factory, which is a benefit for the user.

Disadvantages of pre-terminated fiber optic cables

The disadvantages of pre-terminated cables are also dominating, and one must consider the disadvantages while installing the cables.

1. Length precision measurements

Once you get the cables, you are bound to check the wires’ length, accuracy, and precision. Length precision measurements are extra activities that become a part of the installation process, increasing the overall time.

2. Additional cost

When you get the factory-terminated cables, suppliers charge you an extra amount for this service; the fiber’s installation and purchase cost is already expensive. Such services make it more costly to use and install the cables. To purchase and install cost-effective and reliable lines, hire fiber optic cable companies for a better network future.

Which one to use?

In terms of cost and money, one must not go for pre-terminated optic cables as the cost of such services is higher. You can opt for field terminated cables by getting separate polished connectors and installing them with experts’ help. Consider the time and money factors while opting for the selection of the line.

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