9 Proven Strategies To Apply To Your Recruitment Plan And Succeed In The Job Market


For many HR professionals, recruiting remains a real challenge. In fact, a report published last year by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 86% of recruiters have a hard time recruiting candidates. This can happen for many reasons, But undoubtedly one of the heaviest that prevents an employer from obtaining quality talent is the strategy used in the recruitment plan.

When was the last time you evaluated the personnel recruitment program in your company? Probably a long time ago. But don’t worry, in this article, we will show you 9 proven strategies to apply in your recruitment plan and succeed in the job market.

You are ready? Let’s see…

Build And Promote Your Brand

What makes your company unique? If your recruiting team is not very clear about this, much less will the candidates know. Evaluate what are the things that make your company a unique place to work, ask your collaborators, and discover why they stay.

With this information, you can start promoting your company’s brand, lean on social media or your company’s website.

It is also important that collaborators become ambassadors for your company and promote valuable information about it through their social channels.


Be An Exceptional Employer

A great way to promote your business culture is by obtaining recognitions and awards in this area; for example, you can apply for a local, state, or national Great Place to Work award.

You can also encourage your human resources department to give presentations or attend conferences that promote the company’s working conditions or share the company’s best practices.

These types of activities will not only show you as an exceptional employer but will also allow you to attract quality talent.


Offers A Competitive Package

When it comes to designing an effective recruiting plan, a competitive salary package cannot be missed. The compensation and benefits must always be very clear to the candidates, these packages must be fair and sufficiently attractive from the external point of view.


Have A Good Referral Program

Employee recommendation has a huge impact on a recruiting program. Employee referrals are an important source when it comes to attracting quality candidates.

Having a good referral program in your company is a great way to improve your recruiting program, so our suggestion is that you devise strategies that compensate your collaborators for recommending quality candidates, such as bonuses, days off, etc.

Make It Easy To Apply To Vacancies

When it comes to recruiting, candidates shouldn’t have to maneuver to find and apply to your openings. Your company needs to approach the candidates and make their application process as easy as possible.

Get to where they are and where they mostly spend their time, one of those places is social media. It is also important that they can view job announcements from their mobile devices.


Trust The Power Of The Interview

Interviews are a very powerful resource for any recruiting plan. Through it, your company is able to know each candidate in-depth, so it is important that your hiring managers are trained to interview

Do not assume that your collaborators know how to interview, this is not as easy as it seems. As a recruiter, it is important that you let your hiring managers know the connection between hiring cost, turnover, and the hiring process.

A bad interviewer can be the cause of quality candidates fleeing your company.


Give Your Candidates A Realistic Job Preview

To be a great recruiter you must learn to put yourself in the shoes of your candidates. For example, would you like to know what a company’s day to day is like before applying for a vacancy? Surely yes. Therefore, it is important that in your career portal you show your potential candidates through a video what it is like to work in your company or what “a typical day” is like in the life of an employee. You can also rely on the testimony of your collaborators.


Build A Talent Community

In order for a recruitment plan to be truly effective and allow your company to succeed in the job market, it must work tirelessly. It’s not just about recruiting when a vacancy needs to be filled, but rather about recruiting all the time so that your company can gradually build a talent community.

Building a talent community allows you to promote your brand, engage job applicants, and also be competitive all the time.


Consider The Boomerang

Keep your mind open and ready to accept that former employees who for some reason left the company have the opportunity to return.

This may not apply in all situations, but when an employee leaves company, he gains new knowledge, learns new business practices that may not be known to your company, gains new skills, etc. that can be very useful for your company.

The importance of recruitment continues to grow in companies. As a leader of human talent, it is important that you explore new areas and recruitment strategies 2020 when recruiting.