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8 Significant Home Repairs to Make Before Selling


It is really hard to pour money on a house that you plan to leave behind. But, if you want to obtain a higher resale value, then home fixes must be on top of your priorities before finally throwing it on the market. 

By putting yourself on the buyer’s shoe, will you purchase a house with some broken windows or an electrical outlet that hasn’t worked in a long time? You absolutely won’t. Because gone are the days when sellers place their old house on sale and see what happens. If you still follow that attitude, trust us when we say you’re going to miss out an entire pool of potential buyers. 

These days, on the other hand, preparing your house or “fixing to sell” is the new game plan to have a great return of higher appraisal. Hence, if you want to be a smart seller, you need to keep your house in tip-top shape. But, that doesn’t mean you have to overspend on giving your house some luxury upgrades and renovations. That way, you’ll definitely end up eating into your profits. So, the key is to focus on the most necessary home repairs and let the rest go. 

Here are the most important areas you can’t ignore: 

Structural/Mechanical Systems

Customers would usually buy with their eyes and most of the time they are looking at big-ticket items such as roofing, electrical panels, smart upgrades and airconditioning/heating systems. If you think your house is still well-maintained with these structural and mechanical systems, then you can leave and sell it as is. Otherwise, you will have to consider fixing or replacing them (if needed) to attract a pool of potential buyers an give them the “wow” factor they desire.  

Damaged Flooring

Nobody wants to step on a scratched-up wood flooring, cracked tiles, or worn-out linoleums. Old, damaged flooring can give your house a generally sad vibe, which scrupulous buyers couldn’t ignore. You do not need to replace the entire flooring. Just focus on replacing the worn-out parts. If you have a slightly-damaged hardwood flooring, simple refinishing touches can make a big difference. If you check your local home depots, you can find tons of low-cost flooring options such as wood plank tiles and laminate floorings. 

As for your yellowing bathroom flooring or tile kitchen countertops, updating the grout can make them look good as new. You can always ask for professional help but if you think you’re handy, you can save even more from doing it yourself.    

Also, read Home Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Home in Tip-top Shape All Year Round to guide you through the whole maintaining process.

Plumbing Problems

We all know that buyers, in general, are very attentive to plumbing details. But, as a smart seller, you need to be more attentive than they are. Focus on small details, including the water stains on your ceiling. Buyers are aware of how these marks could expose a dozen of plumbing problems that might be hiding beneath the surface. If that’s the case, contact your local plumber to fix your leaky piping system before placing your house for sale. 

Broken Window Screens

Torn window screens may be considered as minor issues but they can be highly visible, too. Consider replacing your broken window screens not only to revamp the look of your home but also to ensure the safety features of your house. Repair kits for window screen frames are available at any home depot for less than $20. You can even find them DIY-able.   

Lighting Fixtures

Make sure that your home is furnished with lighting than can make it appear open and inviting. You can always take advantage of the many lighting options available in local homebuilders. Pay attention to light fixtures that are dated. While these are another area that may require for a little bit of money invested, it is something you’ll never regret especially when it translates you a quicker sale and higher resale value. Again, you don’t have to replace your lighting fixtures if they seem fine. 

Termite Damage

Termite damage is inevitable, especially when your house is completely made of wood. Consider termites as a ticking time bomb, which can cause terrible damage in your house if you do not address the problem right away. Even if you notice some minimal termite damage in your house, do not wait for it to get worse. Contact your local termite repair contractor and seek fair price options.  

Worn Paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to give your house a mini facelift it deserves before selling. Remember when they say “The first impression lasts.”? It happens all the time in home selling. When buyers spy a worn-painted exterior, they will absolutely judge the interior before they even set foot into the front door. Paint can make or break a buyer’s impression; so, make sure to fix the old, peeling paint before you showing your house off to buyers.

House Exterior

This is another first part of the house that buyers will see; so, make sure to give your home exterior an ultimate makeover that will entice more passersby. If there are missing fence boards, replace them immediately. You can always find fair prices of picket-fence kits from different housebuilders around you. Also, pay attention to your metalwork gates that turned rusty and stained over time. Consider applying rust removers or repaint when the paint is flaked already.

Do not forget to clean up all the cluttered junk around the yard. Buyers can easily notice the grass in your front lawn; so, make sure it is mowed and that weeds are taken care of before potential buyers come to visit the house. Planting some flowers in the beds to add vibrancy can make a big difference in how the old house looks. 

If you are still in doubt, it does not hurt to seek help from experts near you. Consult your local real estate agency for some home-selling advice.   

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