7 Traits that Separate Real Social Media Experts from Wannabes

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You have undoubtedly heard the expression “social media advertising and marketing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity” when doing modern business.

Social media is essential. We all know that. But that is not the reason we are here today. Instead, we’re here to talk about the consequence of it. According to a study done on social media marketing services in Chicago il, social media has become incredibly necessary and many people are doing it.

As with being an effective sales representative, not everyone is a social media expert. So that’s the question, who is it?

What personality traits separate a social media creator from a pretender?

Interaction Level:

Great social media marketers want human interaction on a level that others may not understand. It is not a colonial task or problem that you must overcome to be successful. In short, commitment to others provides them with great satisfaction.

You can even recognize them as the ones who continuously check email and social media on their mobile devices. It is not a form of antisocial behavior; in fact, it is quite the opposite. They are so social that they need to be connected at all times to quench the overwhelming desire to stay connected with others.

It is quite a desirable trait. Possessing the necessary bandwidth to navigate multiple interactions across multiple platforms is extremely valuable to execute a successful social media campaign. Must look at the most successful brands on social platforms, and you will notice that they are incredibly adept at coordinating engagements at very high volume. It is imperative, as consumers expect real-time customer service given the technology that enables it.

Ability to Focus

Concentration is quickly becoming an essential marketing skill. Amid many distractions faced by social media experts, the ability to concentrate has become increasingly difficult.

Sometimes we lost our focus on social media advertising and marketing, which made interruption an art and a science. This medium we work in has provided us with so many distractions that it is a gigantic task to keep track of what we were doing 15 minutes ago.

Emotional Trait:

A social media expert must have the ability to stand back and most importantly, not to take things personally. The ability to digest and manage your emotions supports a brand’s healthy online community.

These are the signs of emotional maturity:

  • You realize and verbalize (calmly) when you are wrong.
  • Created a space between feeling and reacting.
  • Compassionate to yourself and others.
  • When to quit and when to persevere.
  • When and how to ask for help.
  • You’ve realized that the more you know, the less you know, and you’re okay with that.
  • Looking for self-control.
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Independent
  • Sincere
  • Responsible
  • Accessible
  • Kind and generous

They are intuitive:

Rather than being poetic about how good their product or service is, dedicated social media marketers have a deft sense of what their followers want to hear. (Hint: it’s not just about how good your product or service is.)

Everyone knows someone who has this ability but he usually knows what to say to ease a tense situation or always seem to have that witty comment at the right time that makes everyone laugh. Having someone at the social media advertising who understands what people need to hear is necessary for a victorious social media campaign.

Social media is about customer questions and complaints as it is about word of mouth and testimonials. So who would you rather be in position, someone who fights the fire with more brand propaganda, or that person who always has the right things to say at the right time?

They are Generous:

Effective social media is more of a walkie-talkie than a megaphone.

It’s all about considering others and engaging in two-way conversations that benefit your audience. It is not selfish. Brands that treat social media as a one-sided promotion are doing one thing: annoying their followers. We are often blind to brands that offer us little or no value in our news. With so much noise on social media, we train ourselves to filter out what’s useful and what’s not.

A great social media expert knows how to help his audience. By sharing content that matches their needs and behavior, they act more like a link than an advertiser.

While they ultimately align social strategy with overall business goals, great social marketers do it by being helpful. That’s why they are usually the first to hold the door and the last to leave it with the check.

Brand and Marketing Collaboration:

Social media equally parts marketing, branding, sales, PR / crisis management, reputation building, and data analytics. I have met many employees working for a company’s social media with no marketing and branding experience.

Social media is simply one or more channels to engage customers and deliver critical messages that match their needs. The level of expertise is evident in your news and your results.


Cultivating and maintaining a brand’s personality through social media marketing is paramount from a public relations perspective. Consumers have become accustomed to interacting with household brands through the magic of social media.

It means that if brands like Coca-Cola and Oreo are doing it, your business should too. It is where personality and expressiveness play a vital role in the success of your strategy. To convey your character, you need a large enough person in charge such as a type of person who quickly laughs, smiles, and is perhaps the loudest person in the room anywhere.

They probably use a lot of emojis and exclamation marks in their text messages and emails. It is an excellent trait that every great social media marketer should have.


 An empowered social media expert takes responsibility for seeing every issue through to completion. With authority, they can escalate a problem, follow up with the stakeholders involved, and respond to the customer in a timely and respectful manner.

Without authority, they are disabled, and the client receives poor service and support. A social media expert speaks on behalf of the brand.

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