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7 Tips for Managing Remote Work During COVID-19


Remember the time when you rolled your eyes when your freelancer friend threw a celebrity tantrum of how hard their routine get sometime.

Thinking how they were having the time of their life working from home and how ungrateful they are for complaining.

Working whilst wearing their favorite jammiest. Not going through the trouble of choosing what to wear daily and being saved from the hassle of looking presentable. Waking up whenever they wanted to and working from the comfort of their bed.

You really did envy them, wishing you could do the same.

But with the novel covid 19 pandemic forcing almost everyone to work remotely, you now realize that maybe your friends were not really throwing a celebrity tantrum, and remote working isn’t all fun and games.

Most of the people are finding it hard to manage remote working because there wasn’t a smooth transition. Once instance they were commuting to office and the next, they were working from home.

If you are someone who find themselves in the same dilemma, don’t worry because this article will tell you tips for how you can embrace this transition and manage your work remotely and successfully.

7 Tips for Managing Remote Work During COVID-19 1
  1. Dedicate a space

Remote working may tempt you to lay down and work from the comfort of your bed. Which may cause you to slack and will directly impact your productivity.

The best solution to be attentive and focused while doing your work is to dedicate a separate workspace for yourself that is your ‘professional zone’. A place that although is comfortable but does not makes you slack.

The space should be

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Has electricity outlets for all your multiple electronic devices e.g. computer, laptop, mobile phone etc
  • Has a stable internet connection
  • Is properly ventilated
  • Has a door so that you can work without being disturbed
  • Away from ambient noises and distractions

Basically, it should be a place where you can imitate the closest office environment and slip into your ‘work mode’.

  1. Set goals for yourself

The best motivation for work is when you have some milestones to achieve and something to look forward to.

Therefore, it is immensely important that you set goals for yourself.

These goals can be

  • On hourly basis
  • On daily basis
  • Or on monthly basis

Start your day by defining your goals and reviewing your previous ones.

  1. How many did you achieve?
  2. Were you able to conquer all of your goals?
  • Were there places you lacked?
  1. Did you face any problem?

Answer these questions so that you can identify if you are meeting your goals or if you are lacking somewhere. And if you are lacking then, rectify those short comings to achieve maximum productivity.

  1. Use technology to keep yourself scheduled

Whether you are a student googling “tips on how to assignment help ” or a professional wanted to get day’s work done. The only way you can get through the task is if you learn to manage your time effectively.

Although you might have felt that time rarely passes in offices, but it is easy to lose track of time when you are working from home. Therefore, it’s critically important that you keep yourself scheduled.

There are various time management apps that you can use, which can act as your personal secretary, keeping you on schedule.

Assisting you by giving you reminders about

  • Meetings with clients
  • Keeping your work on track
  • Meeting with colleagues
  • Important days and dates from your calendar

To name a few.

  1. Be virtually connected

Even though you are working remotely, it is still important that you are connected with all the colleagues of your offices, virtually.

It is one of the measures of reciprocating the office environment, when working from home.

Secondly, it is a great way to keep communication going and not letting distance hamper productivity. If you or anyone else is facing any kind of problem, they can immediately reach out to the team lead or other team members.

  1. ‘Wear pants’

With working from home in order, there are internet jokes flying around about how people are dressing casually and ‘not wearing pants’, meaning not being bothered to be dressed up.

But it is very important that you do ‘wear pants’.

The idea behind this is to not to get too comfortable till the point you become lazy or start slacking. Moreover, it has psychological effect that keeps you attentive and another way of reciprocating office environment.

  1. Avoid Isolation

In these testing times where everyone went from meeting regularly and socializing, to enclosing themselves in self quarantine and isolation, in a matter of single day. So, it is probable that you can slide into and experience depressive episodes.

The best way you can avoid these depressive episodes are by reaching out to other people.

These people can be you family, your friends or even your work colleagues. It is important that you establish social contact and talk with another human being, as it can prove to be more therapeutic than you can ever imagine.

These exchanges do not have to be elaborate ones, even small greetings, exchanging pleasantries and asking each other how their day is going, will suffice.

  1. Take breaks

Working remotely and from the comfort of your home does that mean that you are not entitled for breaks.

Believe it or not, when in office you would take these small breaks subconsciously. For example

  • refilling your water bottle
  • grabbing a cup of tea or coffee
  • stopping by your colleague’s desk
  • or just stretching

to name a few.

You can take similar short and meaningful breaks while working from your home too.

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