7 Most Popular Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Theme


As parents, you just want to have the best birthday party ever for your child. A fun bash they will forever enjoy. Yet don’t expect an out-of-the-world celebration if you use the same old balloons and rusted-out displays and cake delivery from your childhood as they will no longer be running.

Thanks to TV and the internet, children these days have their own favorite options. They want their birthday celebrated and order birthday cake online with their favorite characters from movies, cartoons, or sports.

To help you plan a super cool birthday party for your baby, here are the most famous birthday party themes that are sure to put the widest smile on your kid’s face.

Treasure Hunt Party

Who wouldn’t love to find secrets and the children are especially happy to discover secret things? So, why not plan a birthday party for your caring son or daughter for a treasure hunt? For your cute kid, it will be pure pleasure and your guests will love the challenge of unraveling the hidden treasures. To those at parties, the whole birthday celebration would be an exciting adventure journey.

Cartoon Theme Party

Each kid loves cartoons and is intrigued by their incredible universe. You should plan a cartoon-themed birthday party for your cartoon addicted son or daughter. Children would enjoy a birthday party based on Spiderman,  Lego, Minions, Pokemon, Disneyland, Goblins, Batman, Superman and other cartoons. It’s going to be a fun party that will be remembered for a long time.

Great Adventure Party

Using an internet map to print a map of the routes that surround your home and mark your location with an X and add it with your invitation. You can ask the kids to bring a bag to carry their clothes. Decorate your home with items that you already have, and a few details. You can use items like houseplants for rubber snakes, and maps in your car’s glove compartment. Brown and green are the right colors for this kind of theme. The party favours will look like a gift like candies wrapped in gold foil and placed inside a bag like a spotlight.

The Cinderella Theme Party

Children are brought up by hearing Cinderella ‘s stunning story, the beautiful girl who married a prince because of her golden shoe. Your sweet daughter loves Cinderella’s story and it soon became her favorite, then it’s time to get her to relive the fairy tale with a birthday party in Cinderella form.

Birthday Bash With Dinosaurs

You’ll always find a kid playing with a dinosaur, no matter what era it is. Give your children an exciting birthday party with a dinosaur-themed bash. Recreate Jurassic Park’s wonderful and beautiful world with balloons, dinosaur-shaped foil balloons, cake delivery and more.

Barbie Theme Party For Your Daughter’s Birthday

Young girls love those little Barbie dolls a lot. They are completely hyped by their youth, their way of dressing and their personalities. Give a wonderful birthday surprise to your Barbie crazy daughter and her friends with a Barbie theme party. You can order her favorite Barbie Character cake and spruce up the Barbie-inspired party spot. Furthermore, you could customize the occasion for all little princesses attending the party with different games and enjoyable activities.

Harry Potter Party For The Potterheads

Who isn’t fond of the wizardous adventures of Harry Potter? That’s one concept that never goes out of trend. A birthday party on the idea of Hogwarts is a fun and enthralling way to throw away an awesome party with some sweet Harry Potter theme décor. See the happiness on the face of your child when they see the fine decor. Let everyone dress up as Harry Potter characters and organize some fun games as scavenger hunts or Hogwarts quiz.

The Circus Party Theme

Have invitations drawn from inks and papers in boldly red hue for a circus feel theme party.  Make sure every invitation is sent to the circus using a ticket. When tickets are obtained as they reach the party room, the children can feel they have arrived in the circus. Hold a festive tablecloth to encourage guests to catch the spotlight and this will work as the backdrop for the photo studio. Hang a newspaper banner with a red nose prop and take photos of all visitors.

Get inspired with the ideas for your kid’s party. Select a fun birthday party theme, which is sure the little ones will never forget to create those milestones.