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7 Basic Interview Mistakes

7 Basic Interview Mistakes 1

What is that one thought which crosses your mind, when someone says ‘interview’. Anxiety? Well, we knew this. Even though for many, the interview is the most awaited session of job search. Yet still candidates get anxious when it comes to experience the most awaited day.

We don’t know when those exciting pulses turn into anxious thoughts. Oh, by the way, how about those awkward pauses, mispronunciations, and whatnot.

Today, let’s get into down memory lane and recall the times when all of us, at least for once has experienced this thing. By the way, those who haven’t enjoyed this anxious yet exciting charm then you are lucky.

Must be wondering why lucky? Well, this is because still, you all are on the safe side. I mean, all of this might sound amazing to you. But, deep down, the ones who have experienced know-how what those little interview mistakes have cost them.

Yes, you read it right. There are many simple and basic mistakes which majority of candidates do and, end up losing their job. Want to know what those basic mistakes are? If yes, then read carefully.

Going all bright and sharp 

Well, here we are not pointing out your talent or skills. It’s more about the color of your clothes. Yeah, this is the most basic yet absurd thing one could do. To all the ones who have an interview, scheduled in upcoming days. Please take this brownie tip and make sure you are not wearing bright or sharp colors. I mean come on, you are going for an interview. Work best to look graceful and decent. After all, it’s about corporate life. So, before you get ready for an interview, make sure to choose light and decent clothes. Formal attire in corporatize colors.

Nervous postures 

Your body language makes an equal contribution. It’s not about being confident only, looking enough confident matters too. We know you are nervous but, going all loud with your nervousness (regarding postures) could never be a good thing. This simply makes a bad impression. Let us share a secret here. Do you know why others look more confident? Because they don’t let their anxiety get loud. Although, all of them are equally nervous.

Saying ‘no’ to the weakness question 

None of us is perfect and that’s a matter of common sense. Like come one, take it easy, you are there to show your skills not to hide your weakness. Accepting a weakness is itself a strength. This is the thing where much fail to catch the charm. When you say ‘oh weakness? No, I don’t have a weakness I am brilliant enough to overcome all my weaknesses’. Ok, let us tell you that all your ‘brilliants’ has been showing off through this. Now please stop. So, next time when someone asks you what your weakness is, don’t hesitate to share. For this, feel free to take assistance from any resume writing service.

Not knowing ‘you’ accurately 

This job interview is for you, not for recruiters. There are thousands of candidates in line, and your recruiters want to know why you are the most suitable candidate. For this, you have to make your words or answers worthy enough. In majority cases, when recruiters ask candidates ‘hey, it’s nice to see your resume but, could you please tell me something more about you?’ candidates get blank or say something irrelevant. They are not asking when you sleep and when you wake up. No please. This means you need to share something which is not mentioned in your resume, something which is associated with a job role, your skills, or capabilities. Be careful before you answer this question.

Pretend as nothing happened 

No matter what was the reason, you still must not bash your ex-organization. Do you know what? This is the worst thing one could do. Yes, of course, recruiters would ask you that why even you left that job. But this doesn’t mean that you should get rude. Even if you had conflicts still, you need to pretend like everything is perfect. Although, for this, you may get tricky and could say ‘because I found your company more prospective, to pursue my profession’. Words like these could save you from being embarrassed. Although, bashing your company or discussing your conflicts might portray a negative image of yours.

Make an impressive ending    

There are chances that you might not get an opportunity to ask something, at the beginning of your interview. Though, don’t forget to use this opportunity at the end. Once your recruiters are done with a query session, now it’s your turn to ask regarding company or occupation. For this, you have to be careful. Also, make sure to make your ending session enough impressive. Maybe you could say or share something which marks a lasting impression or may make your recruiters feel oh-that-is-really-impressive.

These mistakes might sound ordinary to you, but these same simple things could turn into a real disaster sometimes. It’s always good to act proactively!

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