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6 Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore


When a person visits a website then he uses 1/20th part of a second to make a decision whether the content is good or not. He will stay on the website if he likes the content. The sales leads of your trade that are important can be lost if he does not stay on your website. Each trade must be aware of a lot of trends of the web design similar to the fashion world that is growing at a rapid rate. Now I am going to tell you 6 web design trends you can’t afford to ignore.

1.A website design that is responsive – A continuous change is taking place in the internet usage. The size and shape are of different types in the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones and we have to see the content of any website through that screen. The site should be like that it can easily be seen by all these devices so that the mobile market can benefit you in so many ways.

A fluid website is responsible for creating a web design that is adaptive. The different kinds of visitors use different kinds of devices to see the web page and it should appropriately fit to each device’s display so that text, images and layout can be easily seen. As a result, a lot of people will visit your website using their devices like mobile or tablet etc. and your trade will grow at a rapid rate.

2.Use of social media – The latest products of your trade can be showcased and the brand awareness can be increased with the help of social media marketing. Now it is also possible that your website can have social media sites in an integrated form. The social networking platforms can be used for sharing your content as Google+, Facebook and Twitter are used by a lot of people.

Your website’s content can be shared by visitors on several social media platforms like on Pinterest there is an option for the images called ‘pin it’ and on blog posts there are two types of buttons known as ‘tweet’ and ‘share’. Your written content should be posted by you only and it should be so interesting and good that if it is shared then people may like it.

3.Use of infographics – Consumption of information by the website visitors can be done in a way and it has been transformed by the use of infographics. Quirky infographics are being used in a common place and its usage is increasing at a very big rate. The percentages, figures and facts are not used here.

Eye-catching fonts, bright colored images of cartoons, bar charts and pie charts are shown here. For any web page a great addition and easily understandable thing is infographics. A written information that is standard can be shared very easily but there are a lot more chances of sharing infographics.

4.Circles can be used – It has been found that the attention of the visitors can be drawn by using the circles. The internet is currently using it as a web design’s aspect and it is effective and simple also. Circular logos can be used if according to you, you are not the one for which website’s homepage has incorporated this design. A website can be benefited if circles are used daily for the logos in the blog post. Your website’s design elements can be creatively explored by doing this.

5.Use of animation – Earlier some micro interactions were used in the websites. Fast, slow, big, small components of the UI were present and these were dynamic. Interface’s basic details were changed by using these. Along with all these the use of animation has also been started. It is because the action is liked by most of the people. For good user experience the people will try to participate in it also.

6.Design of the website should be simple – While designing a website there is a concept that less is more.  Your professionalism can easily be shown by designs that are simplistic, classic and crisp. Rather than having a flashy design a site will be more popular if it is user-friendly and minimalist.

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