6 Killer Tips to Help You Get Google Adsense Approval

Get Google Adsense Approval

We can say that an approved Google Adsense account is most important for bloggers to make money. It can give lots of money to bloggers to complete their dream. It is easy to earn money using Google Adsense if you have a good amount of traffic on your blog. Here I am going to share some genuine tips by which you can also get Google Adsense approval.

I got some shocking results from two experiences to get a Google Adsense account. I got Adsense approval 2 times on 2 different sites. First site was related to the PHP programming language with short articles and with coding. Another site was about food and agriculture. I also got an Adsense account approved for another website within 2 days. I am also going to share my own experience when needed. 

I saw many bloggers doing many things to get Adsense approval however they fail. I believe Google doesn’t want sites that are not providing value to their visitors. By following the below given tips, I am sure that you will get an approved Google Adsense account.

High quality content

By providing high quality content to your visitors, they will like to visit your site again and again. It may be a text, video or audio however it should provide your visitor with good information. It is best if you have text content because Google likes text content more then images and videos. If you will embed videos from youtube on your blog then I don’t believe that Google will approve it because it will violate Adsense’s Terms and conditions.

One more thing is your blog should not contain thin content. Here, the thin content means the articles with 50-100 words or may be less or more then it. Your articles should be long and should provide good information to your visitors.

Case study, so on one of my sites, related to PHP programming, I was trying to get a Google Adsense account. It was disapproved for the first 2 times. Then I increased the number of posts on the first page from 5 to 7. 

The third time, I got approval. I did nothing else then this simple tweak. I can’t bet however I believe that if you will increase text content on your homepage it will get approval. The same tweak didn’t work for me when I applied for the other site.

Proper Navigation with required pages

Proper navigation is essential for your readers and also for search engines. Google loves user friendly sites and if your site has good navigation then Google will approve it for Google Adsense. You need to interlink your blog posts to make good navigation. You can show categories in one menu for good navigation. You can show trends and recent posts for better navigation.

One more thing is you need some pages like Contact us and Privacy policy and About us pages. If your site does not have good navigation then you should start working on that factor. To show trending and recent posts, you can use wordpress plugins. I believe you will get Adsense approval after improving navigation of your site.

Remove other advertisements (while applying)

Google will not like other company’s advertisements on your blog and I am 100% sure that they will disapprove of your site when they will see other advertisements on your blog. 

So, before applying for Google Adsense, remove all other direct or indirect advertisements from your blog and make your blog clean from advertisements.

Optimize your site

Google likes fast loading sites and will approve the sites with fast loading speed. More than that, if your site is responsive then it is very good for Google because Google also likes user friendly sites and will approve your site if you have good loading speed and responsive and clean design.

Google has also included this point in their Terms of service or say TOS. So, make it user friendly because if your visitor will like it then Google will also like it and you will get Google Adsense approval.

Don’t worry about traffic

If you are worrying about traffic to get Adsense approval then don’t worry because good traffic will not do anything for you. I have 100+ daily visitors (Don’t underestimate power of traffic ) then also I got Adsense approval. So, if you are thinking that you need 1000+ or 2000+ daily traffic then you forget about it because traffic only matters little.

If you have read that 1000+ or 2000+ traffic is needed to get Adsense approval then it’s not like that if you have fast loading, User friendly, High quality site then Google will give less importance to traffic. Start creating your cashflow forecast not your website traffic.

More text, less media

This is my own experience with this blog. When I applied for the first time I was disappointed. Then, I used the tweak that is to increase the number of posts on the homepage. I changed it from 5 to 7 however it was not enough. When I applied again, I was disappointed.

Then, I marked that the latest blog post on my blog was Infographic. That blog post was containing less text and more images. Then I hit one blog post containing more text and less images. That article was containing 1000+ words and 3-4 images. I applied again and got Adsense approval in just 6 hours. That was crazy.

So, I believe they take content type seriously. So, publish text articles before applying for Google Adsense.

To wrap

Google Adsense is very important for every blogger because this is a one stop program to make money from blogs. No mess ups because just paste advertisement code and your website will be ready with advertisements.

By following these tips, I am sure that you will succeed to get Google Adsense approval for your site.

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Lauren is an Australian writer, who works with a number of brands and media outlets.