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6 Exciting Reasons to pick Agadir as a Next Bucket list Destination


Planning for post-wedding trip or vowing your lovelies for a super fun time in summer breaks? Then stop worrying and start dreaming about Morocco. We bet that this North African haven of Morocco is going to an excellent trip destination with your loved ones because; it is the land of unbeatable beauty with a richest culture, history, foods and flavors. In addition to this, the swarthy Sahara dunes, the snow-capped picturesque Atlas, the ultramodern metropolises, the scintillating souks, and the swanky riads take the visitors on another breath-taking level of fun and excitement.

However, the majority of Morocco touristy visitors tend to choose the imperial city of Marrakesh as their starting point. This is the obvious but a bit worrisome reason why this Red city of Morocco looks way too touristy and overcrowded

This blog asks you that why Morocco’s Marrakesh is every time introduction to Morocco? There are so many other places to feast your eyes and soul together with all-time beauty and bounty. So having said this, we wholeheartedly recommend you to give yourself a cheery chance to sway on the coastal cool city of Agadir through affordable Agadir Holiday Packages.

6 fantastic Reasons to visit Agadir on Summer Breaks

Why are we specifically insisting for Agadir breaks? The following reasons would surely melt your heart away.

A Temperate and ideal Coastal Location

The Moroccan city of Agadir is located on the Atlantic coast of the country. So the coastal location of the city exudes a very temperate and human friendly climate every time throughout the year. The city emits a soul soothing sunshine in 340 days of the year.

However, unlike its fellow cities, Agadir is special summer time location with a pleasant temperature of around 25 degrees. So this is number one exciting reason for Agadir to become your next bucket list destination.

A Serene Seaside Resort

If you are really looking for a fam-packed luxurious escort, then Agadir is the choicest destination for being a serene, silent, and soothing seaside. Just move 25 kilometers away from the noising souks and crazy labyrinths of Marrakesh, to land your feet on the far away, no too crowded haven of Agadir and enjoy its super scenic coastal views.

A Fantabulous Hub of cool sandy Beaches

The African city Agadir is popularly known as the beach destination of Morocco. This city flaunts an outclass array of crystal water beaches with laid back sun-kissed loungers on the super soft sands. The hospitable locals around them keep themselves busy in entertaining their stomachs with scrumptious meals and confectionaries in restaurants, shops, cafes and other food stalls.

A Perfect Familia Spot

Besides the soul-stirring beaches, Agadir is the hub of several family friendly attractions.  After a daylong beach time with cutie teeny weenies, you can take them to amaze with the amazing wildlife of African continent at Vallee Des Oiseaux to see a vast selection of bird varieties including parrots, flamingoes, doves, and finches.

If you think that the fearsome crocodiles, would appeal your teens more, then take your little captains to Crocoparc. Get them there to know about how many different crocodile types exist on this Moroccan land.

Besides being a crocodile house, crocaparc also exudes the well-maintained grounds, plentiful trees, plants and flowers that would melt your soul away.

You can also head to Jardin Olhao of Agadir to enjoy with your little teens on the play area of this park, which resides in new Talborj in Agadir.

A Welcoming Home to endless water Sports

The coastal or beach location makes Agadir, a desirable city for enthusiast water sport enthusiasts. These sporty souls from all over the world reach this water haven to try their hands of endless water sports like surfing, wind surfing, diving, snorkeling swimming and much more than this.

The cool sands of Agadir beaches even call the sweetie toddlers to play in the light waters waves with inflatable toys such as rubber rings, whales, air beds and other frolicking stuffs.

Scrumptious meals and food scenes

A few of us actually know that the beach city of Agadir entertains its guest visitors with mouth-watering food cuisines. These cuisines surely give you a soothing European flavor mixed in traditional Moroccan spices. Many restaurants and cafes of Agadir serve a lip-smacking variety of French, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern Menus.

Here the seafood fans would amaze their taste buds with the tastiest variety of Moroccan seafood.