6 Astonishing Tweets About Pemf Devices

6 Astonishing Tweets About Pemf Devices 1

Electromagnetic PEMF Therapy or Pulse Therapy has been in use for several decades, and it involves so many advantages for the person taking it. Basically, in short, the Earth’s magnetic field and wavelengths are emulated through PEMF treatment. This helps maintain the cells by an equity multiplier, suppressing clotting by opening up cell walls to discharge toxins and nutrient intake, leading to almost all the concerns at the source. 

This treatment is used to treat an individual with non-union depression and fractures. As mentioned earlier, this method has been popular since the 1960s and has since regained its popularity after studies, research, and clinical trials proved that it could better the health of animals and human beings. This treatment was FDA authorized in 1979 and is widely prescribed by a doctor since it is one hundred percent drug-free. It has been effective for almost 60 years as it targets pain at the root by using electromagnetic waves of particular frequencies.

The Phases Of The Treatment

The treatment is carried out in four phases: the Angio Phase, Chondro Phase, Osseous Phase, and Analgesia Phase. 

  • Angio Phase-  This is done or used to dilate the capillary and increase the blood flow in the body and mostly in the affected area. This benefits and eliminates discomfort and heals the injury, and supplies cells with the essential nutrients to regenerate them. It also displaces oxygen in the blood, which prompts the system to remove pathogens at the cell level.
  • Chondro Phase- This phase aims to induce chondrocyte development by increasing the volume of the cartilage. This also reduces the incidence and triggers the malaise to diminish by increasing the joints’ functionality by attenuating the chondrocyte cells in the cartilage system.
  • Osseous Phase- This treatment phase focuses on the osteogenic cells’ bone mass, prompting them to work and attenuate the membrane comprising the core bone tissue. This process is ideally designed to balance losing and gaining everything the body requires for a new bone to repair the fracture. 
  • Analgesia Phase- This is the final step of the treatment, and it is used to help reduce the pain and suppress the nervous system signals. The therapy is a fully natural procedure that works in the cell to fix accidents and injuries. It has proven itself to have no side effects.

The treatment can be carried out by using portable Pulse machines that are a one-time expense and do not require any skin contact, are known to have no side effects, and are lightweight, and can be used or taken wherever you go. 

Now let us further take a few facts about the PEMF Machines that might want you to consider and change your mind, and later in the article, we will also touch upon the advantages of the therapy and why it is something a person with fractures should try. 

  • Safety

It is often conceived that anything that has to do with wavelengths and frequencies is dangerous for our body and has serious side effects. Still, on the contrary, this therapy has proven to have had no side effects and is being used for almost 60 years now.

  • Existence 

As mentioned in the previous point, this method has been in use for more than 60 years. It received its FDA Approval in 1979, but sources say it has been in use from way before that, and hence it is considered a standard and effective way to treat non-union fractures. 

  • Origination 

This machine originated from the European Countries and was invented by Nikola Tesla. The first machine is rumored to have been enormous, huge enough for an average height human being to stand inside. Today the machines have evolved into something as small as a mat with a thickness of a yoga mat. 

  • Who can use it 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this machine can be used on an animal, too, as trials have proven that the animals have also responded well to the treatment. 


We have most of the information we needed on the treatment; now, let us look at how you can get yourself one of those. There are a few companies that offer PEMF machines for super affordable prices, and they are all lightweight, small, and easy to carry around; below, we have listed a few companies: 

  1. FlexPulse 
  2. Oska Pulse 
  3. Bio Balance 
  4. Teslafit 
  5. Pulsed Harmonix 
  6. PEMF 120 
  7. Earthpulse 
  8. Paramedics 
  9. Duration 
  10. iMRS Prime

You can find these devices for sale at a pharmacy or on online stores; it is most definitely worth a try as it guarantees no side effects and is proven to be super effective, and has given people with chronic pains a feeling of relief. 

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