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5 tips to open a successful bar

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There are more bars that are closing than it is created, proof that the management of this cult activity is not easy. What steps should you take to guarantee the success of your bar? For this, several criteria, specific to a bar are taken into account. Here are 5 tips to get the beer pumps running, not the bar.

1) Choose your location well

The location is essential for the survival of a bar. Unless there is an innovative concept that makes you want to travel several kilometers to get there, the location must be at the heart of a lively area. It is also decided according to the target. For example, near a university for a student bar, or a business center for workers on their lunch break or after work. The geographic location will also be important in the development of the business plan to obtain funds from investors because it is a determining factor in the success of the project.

Thus, to choose the ideal location, it is necessary to study the catchment area of ​​the different implantation possibilities. In other words, analyze the economic potential of the perimeter by observing all the shopping centers, boutiques, shops and competitors present. This study also makes it possible to draw conclusions on the socio-demographic characteristics of the occupants. With all these elements available, and according to the concept of your bar, there is no doubt that all the elements are available to choose the perfect location.

In addition, by being listed on Privatize you de facto increase your catchment area by making yourself known across an entire region and above all by increasing your clientele, in particular through group bookings.

2) Rely on competition

A good way to start your business well is to base yourself on what the competition is doing. Take inspiration from both their strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, the objective is not to repeat the same mistakes and to observe what makes them successful. For this, consuming their products directly in their bar is the best way to get to know them. Lessons should be learned about their positioning and why customers buy from them.

We must also rely on market figures. What are the budgets generally allocated to communication, or to employees? Which drinks are most successful? Which products have the highest margin? These figures give a trend which must be inspired so as not to find ourselves outside of reality.

In addition, it is recommended that you set up in areas where … competition exists! Indeed, if there are competitors, it is because there are customers. If there is no competitor, perhaps there is simply no market for you. Remember that competing bars can prove to be serious allies and partners. It is not uncommon for customers to prefer to move from one bar to another the same evening. Union is often strength in the bar license.

3) Stand out from the competition

Taking the competition into account and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses is a first step. The second is to differentiate yourself from it by creating your own identity. Indeed, it is by analyzing the catchment area and the competitors that the concept is born. The objective is not to want to be better on their positioning but to differentiate themselves. Because, instead of dividing the market share in two, each bar will be able to attract the entire targeted target with its positioning. This can be a positioning on products, with high-end on quality by attacking high-income households, a cocktail bar with teas or even beers that target specific populations. The differences can also be made on the decoration and the atmosphere. A festive atmosphere attracts more students. All of these concepts have proven themselves, and one is no better than the other. If the new bar specializes in wine when there are already 2 others in the same street, the success will be less resounding.

4) Have a precise marketing strategy to attract

The positioning must be clear to the customers and the residents of the city. The marketing strategy is the flow and implementation of the desired positioning. This requires precise and effective communication. It must address the right people with a suitable speech. The objectives follow a guideline, always keeping in mind that there is a difference in communication between publicizing the bar and making it loved. Indeed, to make it known is to create a website, to try to make it appear in the first rank of google, it is to show oneself to gain notoriety. To make yourself loved, you can communicate on Facebook to keep your fans loyal, or organize parties for them to arouse desire.

Marketing is also putting forward, for example, the most profitable drinks, or decoration so that the customer feels comfortable in a relaxing atmosphere if he comes for that. Work is also done on the arrangement of the tables, which are neither too close for the good of the client, nor too far apart so as not to waste rent.

This whole marketing strategy must be carefully worked out in order to attract as many people as possible and make them want to come back.

5) Build customer loyalty

For a bar, nothing better than a satisfied and returning customer. A loyal customer talks about the bar to his entourage, and will make a good publicity of it. This is why it is important to build customer loyalty. One of the very good ways to do this is communication by Facebook with regular publications with its fans, the organization of events to give a reason to come each time, or even simply to have an atmosphere and an atmosphere that suit customers.

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In particular, there is work to be done with the servers. Their predominant role, with direct contact with the client, has a highly suggestible status. A casual attitude and it is certainly a client who will not return. On the contrary, a pleasant, attentive and open server will generate consumer satisfaction.

Thus, the location, the proper analysis of the competition, the implementation of the concept represent good means to guarantee the success of a bar. However, many factors are also to be taken into account. It takes consideration for the employees because they also convey the image of the bar and they are the only way to interact directly with the customer, and without forgetting also the accounting and financial management which remains despite everything the element that allows to identify benefits.