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5 Things You Should Know About Your London Movers


After nearly two decades of helping good people move, I think we can boldly say that we’ve seen it all. Although we have already given out some helpful packing tips for moving in London, and you can also go through our FAQS here, there still remains a few things we want you to know about us.

We tasked our team of trusted movers here at Man And Van London, to find out what they’d wish they could get across through customers before they arrived. Here’s a list of what they came up with.

  1. Please, be packed and ready for us

    We cannot stress out how satisfying it is to arrive at a hike and find that everything single thing has been boxed up, boldly marked and ready to move. We begin to worry when we arrive at a house, and you’re still horridly shoving your stuff in boxes or even bin liners. If for any reason you’re still packing by the time the movers arrive, this could lead to a few problems. For starters, we’re more likely to skip or miss items if you haven’t yet marked what and where it needs to go. Not to mention that it is just harder to get your attention and find out if an item is set to move when you have your head stuck in a wardrobe or inside the cupboard.

    And perhaps the most significant issue we face when clients don’t have everything ready for us is that it can slow down the entire process. This can greatly affect our schedule, and push back moving times for other customers booked throughout that day.

  2. Don’t worry, it is okay not to weigh in

    Really, we don’t mind that you’re not helping. You paid for our services, and it’s our job alone to deliver. The only instance we would expect you to weigh in a bit is if you only booked a one-man crew, but even at that, our guy will handle the majority of the tussle, no problem.

    With a two-man crew, however, you can kick back and relax, we got you completely covered. And while we appreciate your efforts and help, we believe your time would be far better spent deciding where you want your thing to go at the other end. We got you covered from here.

  3. Be bold, speak your mind.

    On our arrival at your home, it is our habit to want to get right to it and start the work. This does go to say you can’t tell us what’s what though. We are aware that certain things are known by just you. For instance, where is the most convenient spot for us to park? Is there a better accessible entrance? Is there any lift service we can make use of?

    So please, don’t hesitate to give suggestions, tell us what you think, or tell us how you prefer things to be done. This also applies for when we’re moving your items. Perhaps your sofa has a loose leg, and you’re concerned it might break off in the transit, or your larged-size mattress is one of those overly heavy types, you are welcome to inform is.

    And also, it’s okay to handle the more personal and delicate items yourself. You have your reasons. We won’t be offended.

  4. Trust our judgement

    Although we encourage customers to fill us in on everything about their move, unchecked, and it could quickly turn into “backseat driving”. You must realise that we have moved sofas before, we saw the fragile sign on the box, and you do NOT need to tell us to pivot (‘Friends’ lied).

    Please, you need to know that this isn’t our first job and trust that the crew has done it before. We will always give our all to get your items from point A to point B safely, and without harm. We’d also like for you to stick around, in case we have questions.

  5. Things could get out of control.

    We understand that while you’re caught up in all the stress of moving day, it can be easy to forget that there are factors that are just out of our control. For instances, driving a large Luton truck across the streets of London, you should expect that the traffic will not be favourable, especially when it’s hard to zip around. It helps when our customers realise that these things aren’t our fault and not put any blame on us irrationally.

    And there you have it, folks. We movers don’t ask for much. We get hired for a job, and we do it as efficiently as we can, with your cooperation, of course.

So If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable moving company in London with bag loads of experience, trust our team for packing and moving services in London. We can help with moves ranging from small to office, whole house moves, and lots more.

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