5 Rigid Gift Packaging Design is Trending in 2021

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Rigid boxes are the other name that can be given to a packaging that expresses luxury from its presentation. These boxes are made from durable and sturdy materials. They are considered to be an ideal packaging solution for expensive and delicate products that may require an added amount of protection in their packaging boxes. Their robust nature makes them a perfect choice for the encasement of jewelry and glass items. Kraft is the most preferred material for their manufacturing since it is taken to be the most sturdy and robust material out of many other options.

Custom rigid boxes are manufactured from strong and thick material, which gives them the outlook of expensive and robust packaging. This type of box is the perfect packaging solution for valuable gift items. They are also considered most suitable for the packaging of glass, jewelry, and other delicate and fragile items. However, their utility is not restricted or limited to the encasement of such things only. They can effectively provide sturdy coverage to heavyweight items as well since they are known for their protective quality. They can be manufactured by a number of materials, but kraft is considered to be the most capable out of all of them.


The year 2020 is introducing new and emerging trends with each passing day. The packaging industry is also participating in enriching this wave. Rigid cardboard boxes are the mode of packaging that is setting new trends in this year, let us discuss some of their designs that are proving out to be the most prominent to date.

  1. The tissue box for jewelry

This design is creative at its best. It looks exactly like a tissue paper box, but instead of having tissues inside, it opens up into several mini sections and partitions that are used to store various jewelry items. The top of this box does not have a sleeve cut. Instead, it has two tuck-in tops that tuck in and close it from the center. The box partitions are mainly divided into two sides, and each side can be individually by opening one side of the tuck-in tops.

  1. The rigid gable purse for gifts:

Who does not like to receive a gift in the most out of the way style with delicate and impressive appearance? Out of all the other rigid boxes designs, this one is perhaps the cutest in outlook and the most cherished by both the consumers and the ones buying them to offer to their loved ones. They are almost two to three times thicker than a standard gable box, which adds up further value to them and makes them capable of holding heavier items as well. They are an ideal choice for placing gift items.

  1. The chocolate treasure chest:

Now, who does not like chocolates? And those who do take their collection as something no less than a treasure. The most suitable and beautiful solution for the packaging of various types of chocolates is these chocolate treasure boxes. They have inserts and sections in them that allow an assortment of different kinds of chocolates to be systematically packed in them. The exterior shape of a treasure box remains intact and unharmed due to the rigid materials that are used for its manufacturing.

  1. The Mystery Mobile box:

Cell phone packaging and rigid cardboard boxes go hand in hand. Mainly because of the fact that out of all the other electronic gadgets, cell phones are probably the most delicate and the most cherished items that people want to purchase while being protectively packaged. However, the orthodox rigid double encasements are gradually being taken over by mystery boxes where the mobile device actually gets discovered by the buyer, making them enjoy the whole experience while enhancing their happiness of getting a new mobile device.

  1. Rigid Food Wrap Boxes:

Now this one is the most innovative of all the other designs. Stiff card or paperboard sheets are wrapped symmetrically around eatables, just like in former times a piece of cloth sheet was sectioned in four flaps and tied on the top to hold and carry an item. They look unique and lovely. They are quite suitable for the packaging of take away food items since they provide the consumption convenience of the eatable as well. Once opened, they can take the shape of a useable plate, thus eliminating the requirement of an additional utensil for the feasting of the food items that they carry.


The popularity and the multi-purpose utility of this type of packaging are raising the interest of more and more product manufacturers in them. This is why packing vendors are introducing competitive rigid boxes wholesale prices so that they could cash in on the popularity of this mode of packaging. The modern-day pieces of machinery have enabled them to try the best of their creative ideas on the sturdiest materials to kill two birds with a single shot. That is, to provide coverage and added security to products all at once.


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