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5 Prominent Google AdWords Features That Can Make Your PPC Advertising Campaign Effective


PPC advertising platforms are not just confined to Google AdWords or Bing Ads. If you browse Google, you will stumble upon plenty of online advertising platforms providing a wide array of features. For example, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Bidvertiser, RevContent, AdRoll, etc.

Despite having so many PPC networks, advertisers prefer to choose Google AdWords. Even the reputed companies offering PPC management services in Delhi recommend AdWords as the best platform to launch ad campaigns.

The reason behind this is very simple. Google AdWords comes with a plethora of features and functionalities which when used on the ad can turn the campaign effective and successful. This advertising channel has the potential to engage customers and escalate the business performance level higher.

Let’s talk about the few prominent and advanced advertising features for which Google AdWords feel proud of.

5 Prominent Google AdWords features that you must make use of

  1. Demographic targeting: For an advertiser, targeting the right audience is very important. And Google AdWords paves out the way for you. With the demographic targeting features, you can literally choose your targeted audience and make your ad much more approachable.Use this feature to pick up your audience based on their age, gender, income, education, and even parental status. No matter in which state you want to advertise your products or services, this feature will make you easy to reach out to your audience. Demographic targeting filters out your need and you must take the advantage to grow your business wisely.
  2. Optimized ad rotation: What is ad rotation? Ad rotation is the process by which ads are displayed on both the Search Network and Display Network. If you create an ad group with multiple ads, the ad will constantly rotate, displaying one ad at a time.With the optimized ad rotation feature, Google AdWords assess the ads to determine the optimal version for your audience and campaign KPIs. It prioritizes the ads based on their relevancy and displays them for better performance. This enhances and simplifies the ad rotation process, improving the performance of ads using the most advanced machine learning technology.
  3. Smart bidding: Smart bidding feature allows you to determine the relationships between different variables using the same machine learning technology. This optimizes the bids, improving the KPIs, and ensuring a good return on investment for your PPC ads. Instead of making efforts on bidding manually, why don’t you choose the smart bidding technique to multiply the performance efficiencies?
  4. Custom intent audiences: Custom intent audiences can be created using relevant in-market keywords. Simply enter the keywords and URL based on the products or services and display your campaigns.To reach out to the right audience, Google makes use of advanced machine learning technology. This technology makes it easier to analyze the campaign and create custom intent audiences automatically. The auto-generated list appears in accordance with the activities made on different Google marketing channels like YouTube and Universal App campaigns, Google Display Network, Search Display Network, etc.

    However, these audiences appear based on the keywords and URL you have used in your ad content.

  5. Click-to-call: Integrating your PPC ad with click-to-call feature makes the ad much more impactful. As per the researches, a majority of ads are browsed using smartphones. Hence, including this feature enhance the chance of the potential buyers to knock your door.Huge traffic enters the website using this click-to-call option attributed to the paid search. Although many advertisers overlook this feature, this opportunity can likely help you to build your set up.

    Do you want to add call extensions to your ad and draw more visitors at the first state? Well, then this Google AdWords is ready to serve you with your need. Targeted audience or potential customers find it easy to get in touch with the business and learn about their queries without spending time on finding your contact details.

    It’s time to take the leverage, isn’t it?


There is always an update made every year on Google. And this year as well, these features have been added to the list to streamline the ad campaign process and turn it effective.

Use these features and some more to run your ad successfully on Google. However, make sure the ad copy you run has relevant content with relevant keywords and relevant images.

You can even take the help of a digital marketing service provider or a company offering white label services for perfection.