5 Medical Blog Topics to Increase Engagement

5 Medical Blog Topics to Increase Engagement 1

The concept of starting your own medical blog may seem daunting at first glance. With so much going on in the medical world, how do you streamline your content to focus on subjects that users actually care about? When it comes to creating an engaging and memorable medical blog, you have to focus on subjects that stay on top of your target audience’s mind. In this post, we list some of the top medical blog topic ideas that you can dive into, in order for you to create a valuable medical blog.

1) Lists

Studies suggest that posts which feature a ‘Top Ten’ type of list get a higher rate of engagement than any other type of post. So the question that lies to be answered is how do you make a good list? The answer is to provide quality and useful information. For example, many people would find a list such as “Top Five Culprits of Cancer” to be of the utmost importance. A list like this would provide critical information on lifestyle habits and dietary choices they have been making which may be putting their health at risk.

2) Advances In Medical Products

Technology is rapidly advancing at an unprecedented scale. New medical emergency products are being introduced to the market on a daily basis. While some of these are minor advances such as improved accuracy in drug urinalyses, some of these have been major breakthroughs such as the ability to tell if a child has autism by using a special machine which uses A.I. to scan the eyes for known physical deformities which indicate that a person may develop autism further down the line. 

In addition to that, more medical products such as medical wearables are being outfitted with sophisticated software to enhance the lives of patients such as a wearable red light therapy headband that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead.

3) Insurance

Chances are, like most people, you experience a great deal of confusion when it comes to going over the small details of an insurance policy. As such, how do you think the average person feels? Many people typically search for answers to questions like, “What is my co-pay?”, “Why won’t my insurance cover X?”, and, “How much is my deductible?” While you may not be able to provide specific information because each type of insurance policy is different, you can create posts that provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions as well as to provide general information, such as, “Three ways to make good use of your insurance policy” or “Five things you need to be aware of as far as your deductible goes.”

4) National Health Months

While it may not seem apparent at first glance, each month actually has a national health awareness designation. For instance, May is designated as Skin Cancer Awareness Month, while October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, every single month, blog owners could provide relevant and engaging content by focusing on the current health observance of the month.

5) Expert Interviews

Providing the details of an interview with your target audience will give them the opportunity to learn useful information straight from an expert’s mouth. Many individuals within the healthcare industry jump at every opportunity they get to be interviewed. One of the easiest and most effective ways blog owners can conduct interviews is to use a platform like Google Hangouts or even Skype. Upon finishing an interview, you could provide a written summary of it or embed the video into your blog posts. In some cases, you could even transcribe the interview and share it in your blog posts. Many successful medical blogs provide valuable downloadable interviews of wellness experts and small business owners in the field.

6) Clinical Research

Your blog audience would definitely love the idea of receiving financial compensation for helping new treatments move forward as well as reap the benefits of a new medication which targets a condition they may have. However, most people do not know where or when to look for clinical research opportunities. In fact, statistics demonstrate that less than 25% of patients who participate in a clinical trial are classified as being “very informed.” Therefore, most clinical research patients just happen to come across the opportunity by chance. Your blog can establish itself as a reliable source for clinical research opportunities if you provide posts about the latest research opportunity.

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