5 Favorite Flowers That Every Mother Loves To Give On Mother’s Day


This life wouldn’t have been this great if not; we had a beautiful person like our mothers in it. Mothers are our first teacher and first friend, other than giving birth to us and nurturing us with all her love, heart, and soul. Someone quite correctly had said, “God couldn’t be everywhere; hence they created mothers.” Throughout our lives, our mothers have made numerous sacrifices for us without even telling us. So, it would be quite right to say that no other beings need our love more than our mothers, for all that she has done for us. Right? 

This is why every year, we celebrate Mother’s day to honor all the beautiful mothers across the world. Mother’s day is celebrated every second Sunday of the month of May. People choose to express their love and gratitude for their mothers, mothers-in-law, and other such motherly figures. To do it right, people opt for various thoughtful, practical, or even meaningful gifts. One of the classic gifts that every mother loves to get pampered with is flowers. And on the joyous occasion of Mother’s day, there are a few noteworthy flowers to give mom out of your love you hold for her. Each of these flowers India is readily available at some local flower markets as well as at your online florist’s website. But let’s just grab a look at which five flowers tend to make the best flowers to give your mom on Mother’s day. Take some cues, folks, and start your flower shopping!

  1. Orchid – Got a trendy mom? Then, here you go with her favorite choice of flower that she secretly wishes to be gifted with. Orchids are meant to be gifted to those mothers who love fashion, like to try out new trends, and experiment with bold colors love orchids. As orchids represent elegance, poise, and femininity, it somewhat matches their personality. 
  2. Carnation – Crantiosn and the history of Mother’s day dates long back. In the year 1907, Ann Jarvis sent about 500 white carnations to every mother on her own mother’s death anniversary. And from then onwards, Ann Jarvis is known to be the founder of Mother’s day. There are many colors of carnations; you can choose to go with them. For instance, pink carnations represent the mother’s love; white symbolizes pure unconditional love.
  3. Rose – For every mother who is old school in her choices would love to get pampered with roses. Roses are indeed a classic choice of mother’s day flowers. Red roses are for romance; you can choose to skip that. And instead of that, you can choose to gift her some pink roses, which stand for appreciation, love, and gratitude. White and cream color roses are even a great choice as they represent purity and thoughtfulness, respectively. 
  4. Peony – Mothers of all kinds absolutely love peonies. It usually comes in white, pink, red, and sometimes even purple shades. It represents great honor or good fortune which is sure to brighten up your mother’s day to the core. They bloom quite beautifully, and their scent leaves the room smell wonderful. 
  5. Tulip – Purple tulips represent royalty, whereas pink tulips are for to shower some affection. Red tulips are for romantic love, whereas white represent cheerfulness or even an apology. There are different kinds of tulips, from fringed, French to parrot, and more. You can choose accordingly, keeping this symbolism in mind to please her. Being a quintessential spring flower, tulips are sure to bring much joy to your mom’s life when gifted. 

Now that you know the top 5 mother’s day flowers to give your lady love, which one are you planning to go with?

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