5 buy mobile accessories online you won’t believe exist


The buy mobile accessories online market is booming thanks to the many smartphones available today.

Although most affiliate brands only produce generic and non-innovative products, there are some brands that are actually taking the pain to push that extra mile to innovate.

Here, we will talk about some mind-blowing smartphone accessories ahead of schedule.

We focused on 5 uber smartphone accessories you can buy on Indiegogo, one of the largest global crowdsourcing platforms.

1. Voltman smart wallet
You must be wondering why I am talking about them in an article on smartphone accessories. The wallet is more needed than just an accessory, we need it to keep our money or our credit or debit cards and all kinds of things, and in the digital age, it has also become embedded with online currency in the form of digital wallets. But this is not of this type.

What if you said you can recharge your phone wirelessly using your wallet, access Wi-Fi, track your wallet, and even keep a tab on it with the camera as well? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

This is exactly what the Volterman Smart Wallet promises to do. It comes with enough technology to put your average smartwatch to shame.

The best part about the wallet is the wireless phone charging, and it’s compatible with all Qi-based devices. Buy mobile accessories online don’t worry if you don’t have this technology, you can use the USB cable as well.

Volterman smart wallet also comes with GPS based tracking system and remote alarm system so you don’t forget your wallet anywhere. It also features a small camera that can take a picture of the person trying to unlock it, in case it gets stolen.

Moreover, the smart wallet also offers internet access while roaming at a cost starting at $ 15 per GB.

If these features weren’t enough then let me tell you you can also choose the leather material your wallet will be made of.

2. ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

For any premium smart user, a feature-rich smartwatch is a must. However, in the abundance of options available, which one should you buy? I would suggest buying one that has the most number of features but looks like a large chunk of metal attached to your wrist … Oh, wait! Few people actually like this.

However, for people who want to maintain a balance between technology and appearance, the ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch is a perfect fit.

This sports watch has a simple design and packs more features than any Apple smartwatch. What is unique about the ZeWatch Hybrid Smartwatch is the combination of a digital LCD screen with a mechanical watch. Yes, real hour and minute hands.

Apple could actually take inspiration from the ZeWatch makers as they were able to drill a hole directly in the center of the LCD panel so that the mechanical arms could move without any interruption. ZeWatch has also managed to produce a smooth screen, unlike the X.

In terms of features, this watch comes with a full touch screen, heart rate monitor, sapphire glass on the front, an all-stainless steel case, and replaceable straps for easy customization.

It can be recharged easily using the wireless charger provided with the device. While the interactive smart display lasts up to 3 days, the mechanical watch can operate for 30 days on a single charge. The watch can also adjust time zones automatically, which is a very useful feature for frequent travelers.

3. Self-flying selfie camera
We all love taking selfies. But imagine what it would be like to get a drone to take your selfies every time you feel like it. The fabulous right isn’t it?

Let’s take a step further and imagine if your drone could simply fit inside your smartphone bag.

impossible? That’s an important word in this digital age, my friend. Let me introduce a selfie flying selfie camera that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

SELFLY is truly a genius idea, which integrates three separate things into one package – a capable flying and photo-taking drone with a built-in camera, a 12,000 mAh battery to charge your phone, and a protective case to prevent any damage to it.

As per the designers, SELFLY can easily be used with any phone with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 6 inches. This one me hooked like a leech!

4. NIFTYX wearable Powerbank and USB cable
Let’s sit back and look at more essential accessories. First, we have a little power bank that doubles as a fashion accessory.

NIFTYX is a great smart tool. Battery cables and banks are two of the most popular accessories for smartphones, and NIFTYX is the only solution for both.

Designers cleverly included a USB cable inside of hand-braided leather to give it an elegant look. The cable also packs a 210mAh battery pack that’s good enough to give any phone life in an emergency.

If you are tired of carrying huge power banks, try NIFTYX and charge your phone anywhere while making a killer fashion statement.

5. Both webcam cover and sound blocker
Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Yes, the founder of Facebook. Did you also know that he uses a piece of black tape to cover his laptop camera so that no one can penetrate and see it? I think not.

Well, this is actually a legitimate concern in the era of hackers. It has become ridiculously easy to hack computers and cell phones. Once hacked, anyone can access your device and see the camera. However, with a simple solution like the Nope Camera Cover, you can stop stalkers.

Both are a simple piece of exquisite engineering in which a thin piece of metal was machined into the camera’s mechanical shutter. You can simply paste it on the camera of any laptop or smartphone and protect your privacy.

Moreover, Nob also charges an audio blocker, buy mobile accessories online which is nothing more than a fake 3.5mm connector that you can use to block audio input and output and prevent any intruder from secretly recording your conversations.

This is not all
These tools may be just the tip of the iceberg. There are many of these exciting tools available on many crowdsourcing platforms like Indiegogo. These platforms allow device manufacturers and inventors to work out of the ordinary and create cool things without any marketing pressure, resulting in these great tools.

I couldn’t resist and have already ordered some of these products and I’m sure you also itch to do the same. Your word of advice – all of these products come from far away and take a long time to ship and deliver. Only ask if you have patience and enjoy the finest buy mobile accessories online available.

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