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4 Cool Things Php Allows You to Do

4 Cool Things Php Allows You to Do 1

PHP has been extremely popular for creating dynamic web pages. However, there is so much more you can do with it. 

This article will cover some such cool things PHP lets you do. 

But let’s start with the basics first. 

What is PHP?

PHP is the most praised scripting language there is. It is also called the “general-purpose” programming language. It is a server-side, scripting language that is mostly applied while developing a website. 

It was developed in 1994 and had been gaining popularity ever since. 

Currently, about 80% of all websites are built using PHP in their tech stacks. 

Many reasons contribute to PHP’s popularity, such as:

  • It is relatively more accessible than many other languages
  • It is suitable for backend data output and web development.
  • Many functions and classes can be accessed through the toolkit provided by PHP.
  • Since it has a robust community base, you can find online support pretty easily. 

Many reputed companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, and Tumblr have linked their names to PHP because of the smoothness and effectiveness it provides to your website. 

Data suggest that if we compare PHP to other languages, it can be 382% faster than Python, 195% faster than Ruby, and 378% faster than Perl.

So without a doubt, PHP is a clear winner in the “language race,” hence you need to Hire PHP coders to build your next project in PHP. 

How else would you develop a technology that can easily take over the market? 

Moving forward,

What is the use of PHP?

PHP is well-equipped to perform various tasks.

Suppose, you need to develop an app with HTTP backend support or REST service. In such a case, you need a language that can: 

  1. Support the very popular web servers like Apache
  2. Perfect integration with SQL databases like MySQL.
  3. Handle text, numeric data, and string easily. 

And for that, PHP is the perfect fit! 

How to know if PHP is the right choice for you? 

The right way to know if PHP is the perfect choice to make can be judged by three simple questions that you need to ask yourself:

  1. Can my project make full use of PHP’s functionalities and strengths? 
  2. Can I run my project from a web server?
  3. Does my project require incredibly high efficiency and performance? 

If you find yourself answering all those questions with a “Yes,” you can better start looking for PHP developers for hire.

You especially should hire dedicated developers to extend your project’s functionalities with PHP. 

As we discussed earlier, PHP can perform various tasks if implemented right. And who can integrate each of your requirements into your project? Of course, a dedicated developer well-equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experience with PHP.

All set with the background, let’s jump to the point now. 

You can add several functionalities to your project with the help of your dedicated developer. 

Some of the must-have functionalities are:

  • User Authentication with Two-Step Verification:

User authentication is a significant aspect to focus on when it comes to equipping your web application with security. 

If you are working on developing a web application, there are high chances that you may need to implement user authentication. 

You can use many techniques to secure your application, varying from a simple username-password validation to two-factor authentication. 

And with PHP, you can efficiently implement any of these techniques right into your application, hassle-free. 

  • Easy Database support:

PHP provides database support almost since it was launched. The databases it supports are never-ending, be it MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or any other. PHP can support almost any database. 

And the best part about using PHP with databases is conveniently accessible. 

Not just that, it is extremely secure to use any database with PHP. 

If you hire PHP coders for your project, then implementing security measures would become even easier. 

Just with prepared statements, PHP can develop an easy to implement secure SQL.

  • Server-Side Backend Code:

The current web development is all about concurrence between the backend and the frontend technologies.

You can afford to develop a front end application in the most simple ways. It may have basic dynamic web pages with simple AJAX and JavaScript Functions. 

Or you may develop a complex web app with libraries and frameworks such as NodeJS, AngularJS, JQuery, and so on. 

No matter which technology you use at the front end development, it would still have to collect data from the backend. 

Just like the front end, server backends can also be created using many technologies. 

Java, Python, Perl, and C++ can be combinedly used with HTTP servers to help the front end app access the backend data. 

To perform any such task, PHP is considered by far the best since it was built to execute all such tasks efficiently.

So if you wish to create a harmonized application, where both the front end and the backend works in synergy, it’s better to choose PHP and hire dedicated developers to carry out this task. 

  • WordPress Themes and Plugins:

WordPress is the best CMS to choose while you plan on taking your business online. 

And it is well-known that most web frameworks and CMS, including WordPress, are written in PHP. 

Although there are a lot of CMS written with PHP, WordPress remains to stand out. 

In the last two decades, the platform has outshone all other CMSs.

So there are many things that you can do with PHP to enhance your social presence on WordPress. 

PHP lets you extend your WordPress plugin and theme’s options by customization if you Hire PHP coders. A PHP coder would have the right knowledge to customize your plugin and themes according to your needs and requirements. 

Creating a dynamic web application with PHP is the best decision a product owner can ever make. PHP is not an easy scripting language that anyone can learn; to develop a project with PHP you would have to start looking to hire PHP developers for hire. 

PHP has the capability of adding any to every functionality into your application, considering you know the right way to implement it. 

So if you really want to develop a technology that is worth making a stay in the market, it is better to hire dedicated developers for your PHP project. 

Take full advantage of the technology and your dedicated developer’s skills to develop a perfect product for you, your users, and the market. 

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