4 Best Coding Languages for Kids to Start Programming

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We are living in a world that is largely dependent on computers. Whether we are checking using an ATM to withdraw money or using our phone to text our friends, certain computer codes work in the background to get our work done. Just like we have multiple languages to communicate around the world, computers have languages of their own. The study of these languages to interact with computers and develop programs is called computer programming. 

Computer programming is essentially an integral part of a kid’s education, even if its cognitive, logical, and social aspects were to be taken into consideration. Besides preparing kids for the future and making them stand out among their peers, coding also teaches kids to be communicative, collaborative, and determined in the face of problems. For instance, when kids are learning to program, they will have to spend most of their time analyzing and making changes to the lines of code, spending a large amount of time typing, and finding creative ways to implement the codes to see the desired results. This practice, in turn, makes kids attentive to details and have patience regarding their work. 

Here are best coding  languages for kids to start learning programming

For kids, Scratch, Java, Lua, and Python are some of the best programming languages to get their hands-on coding. 

Coding for kids

Kids who learn to code at a young age can grow up to be successful individuals, regardless of their career choice. Besides teaching the basics of computer programming, coding classes at an early age can attune children to think more logically and creatively and be persistent in the face of problems.

Children tend to easily grasp computer programming basics, especially if they are introduced to visual-oriented coding languages at first. After learning the basic functionalities and elements of computer programming through visual-based language, kids can move on to text-based programming language seamlessly.


Scratch is one of the best programming languages for kids. It offers the basics of computer programming through visual elements. Kids learn on Scratch by creating, dragging, and dropping commands blocks on top of each other. 

With Scratch, kids can create games, make up interactive stories, animate, develop apps, and add music to their projects. Scratch can be downloaded and accessed free of cost on any PC running Windows or macOS. 


Python is a scripting language that is also one of the most popular and most utilised coding classes for kids in the world. It is recommended for kids to get on Python after they have understood the basics of computer programming and applications.

Python is used by major companies such as Google, Disney, Facebook, and Spotify to develop and run their apps. Besides being used as a video game and web development language, Python is also used in complex fields such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Since Python is mostly based on the English language, it is easier for kids to learn compared to other programming languages. Python also consists of built-in help comments and online resources to help the coders when they feel stuck. 

Python’s user-friendly interface allows kids to write lines of code easily and create their own games, animations, problem-solving exercises, websites, and robots.


One of the most widely used computer programming languages, Java, offers a lucrative career for those well-versed. Kids who learn to code with Java at an early age tend to land a successful career. 

Some of the major applications and web frameworks such as Minecraft, Gmail, and Twitter are created in Java. 

Kids can get their hands-on Java programming, mostly for video games and Android apps. However, it is difficult to master because of its reliability on statically typed language and many variables.

As your kid learns more about coding and its applications, Java is one of the best languages to get them on. 


Although Lua is a bit complex visual-based programming language, it is still one of the best languages for kids and teens to learn, especially if they are interested in video games and robotics.

Roblox, Adobe Photoshop, Warcraft, and Angry Birds were created in and still utilise Lua codes. 

If your kids have had enough lessons of Python and are still looking for something to code that is relatively easy, Lua is your best bet.

It was originally developed to modify and alter a program and, therefore, work alongside other codes.

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