3 Must-Know Tips for Music Artists on Instagram to Grow their Following in 2021


Today, you can use Instagram as the most effective social media channel to promote your music, a platform that has more than one billion active users every month. Again, 500 million of those people are on Instagram daily! Then, the photo-sharing site also has the maximum rate of engagement compared to other social media sites, thus making it the best platform to build user engagement and increase your followers.

According to an article published in Forbes, Instagram is also helping music artists to make some cool bucks through tipping methods as well as shoppable products, additionally improve their exposure to new followers and lift their status on streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify.

If you are still not leveraging Instagram as a music professional, you are losing opportunities. Therefore, here are three must-know Instagram tips to grow your following as a musician in 2021:

  1. Share content on Instagram for other music artists

When you have your Instagram page set up, it is time to post some awesome and innovative content on this photo-sharing social media app for other music artists. Instagram is an effective marketing channel and letting your audience know your story using images and videos to maintain your narrative. When you post relevant music content for your fans, you want to pique their interest and attract them into your musical journey using engaging content by more Instagram Followers and likes 

It does not matter if you take some time to experiment with the content you share on the platform to understand which images and videos resonate with your audience. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment with varied content to figure out what is working and what is not.

Though Instagram is a photo-based app, you do not require the skills of a professional photographer to stay successful. You can use your smartphone camera for taking stunning photos and videos of your musical performance to hook your audience.

  1. Post appropriate and best-quality content on Instagram

Success on Instagram depends on the kind and quality of content you share with your audience. You may share music videos of up to one minute in your IG feed and ensure to post short video clips of your band rendering a song or even you as a music artist. You may also share short tutorial content, especially videos to make your followers understand how you play a particular song, instruments used, or display a specific musical technique. Such content will help you buy followers on Instagram with time.

Share short video clips featuring the most popular songs you have sung or record a video of approx 60 seconds elucidating the meaning of the lyrics of a song. Post videos related to your live gigs, live performance, or for the matter of the live audience, requesting fans to comment on the posts of they attended the musical performance of yours.

Sharing images or videos of your music gear with a relevant hashtag will create opportunities for new sponsorships and endorsements in the days to come. Then, make sure your keep posting videos and review your music gear consistently on Instagram.

You can post visuals from rehearsals, studio, bus tours, and even backstage. You can share a couple of selfies with your fans and post photos of lyrics you are working on now.

  1. Use interesting Instagram captions to support your posts

Instagram is a platform that drives maximum user engagement and so your captions are extremely important just as the photos and videos. Make sure your captions are relevant to your music and your musical genre and journey. You can create captions as a continuing story. Every Instagram caption must add more value to your post, contribute to your music story meaningfully, and attract your followers a bit deeper into your kind of music. In simple words, a smart Instagram caption tells an interesting story, initiates a conversation, carries a discussion forward, and even asks an exciting question. The captions you write must reflect the essence of your posts, images, and videos in simple, short sentences.

The key to the success of your caption is getting your followers to write a comment on the post you shared. You can narrate an interesting story or relate an experience of your musical journey through captions. You can even ask your followers to vote on the songs you would sing for an upcoming musical event in the town. Ask questions to learn more about your fans, what kind of music they like, their interests, and what other musical bands they prefer through captions. You can keep all such information to promote your music in the future.

Remember that Instagram will not let you include clickable links to the captions. What you can do is direct your followers and music lovers to the Linktree link in your Instagram bio.


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them to grow your fan following on Instagram for an upcoming event this year. Promote your music on Instagram and collaborate with peers in the music industry.

I am a content writer and want to share my knowledge with others.