12 Beautiful Mirrors to Give Your Bathroom a Boost of Style

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No matter what’s the size or style of your bathroom, mirrors have a calibre to brighten and enhance your space. It does a lot to you: from informing you about the particle stuck in your teeth to helping you to get makeup a perfect face. Additionally, it adds beauty and natural light to your room.

Well, bathroom mirrors come in a wide range – from basic standalone to ones that come in with inbuilt storage. To aid you, we’ve come up with some viable options, so take a walk through 12 beautiful mirrors, which promise to give your bathroom a boost of style. Also, go through the five smart tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror.

12 awesome mirrors to add style to your bathroom:

  1. An oval-shaped mirror influences the look

When placing an oval design mirror, you’ll get a fresh twist to your bathroom look. It looks enchanting when carved on the textured tiles, making the under-mounted basin more prominent. This shape will make your room look compact, instantly adding a feeling of lightness to your bathroom design. So, all these points collectively make it a popular choice for modern decorating styles.

  1. A frameless mirror creates an optical illusion

Another style to imbibe is the unframed mirror. If you want something minimalist yet elegant, then go no further than the frameless mirror. By standing still over a vanity, it will harmonise your bathroom space, making it seem expansive. Cover the entire wall with a rectangular frameless mirror and introduce cove lighting to enhance the glow provided by ceiling lights.

  1. A vanity mirror adds a touch of glam

This vanity mirror has broken all the stereotypes, proving that mirrors aren’t only for the walls. Vanity mirrors are more than a functional element; you can use them as decorative items too. Besides this, having an interest in how you appear is entirely healthy and normal. Hence, you can use this mirrored vanity to store your makeup products and apply it whenever you want.

  1. A metal-rimmed mirror to make a themed bathroom

The metallic-frame mirror goes out of the way to make your bathroom look unique. If you want to have a distinctive theme for your bathroom, then grab the opportunity to fit a metal-rimmed mirror. The frame complemented by the crystal and tiered chandelier will render you a glamorous feeling. Try a bigger one and make sure your bathroom accessories match with the mirror to give the right boost.

  1. A round mirror to bring softness and relaxed appeal

A great companion of the pedestal sinks, the round mirror, is the perfect way to accent the black vanity and white marble countertop. A large one would traditionalise your space along with square subway tiles. The only drawback is it generally leaves more area at the wall corners rather than a rectangular one. So, if you have a fascinating wall to show off, then place this attractive round mirror.

  1. A backlit-ornate mirror renders a French feel

This type of mirrors creates a subtle but enough light that allows you to see your real features during makeup application or shaving. Many places backlit mirrors in their bathroom as they provide a clearer view and complements your complexion. Along with this, it creates an illusion of a larger, clean, and tidy room. So, with this mirror, give the rest of your space a natural palette to let your guests focus on the decorative backlit mirror.

  1. A brass-framed mirror is back to the pavilion

Some trends come and go, while a few arrive, stay, and bid goodbye saying, I’ll be back soon. Likewise, a brass-framed mirror has made a comeback with its simplicity and softness that makes your bathroom look timeless. The gold colour will glow on a patterned blue wallpaper, adding a unique style to your space. Last but not least, its clean and soft look will help you to balance your busyness.

  1. A bejewelled circular mirror to stun your guests

The mirror frame, which augments with studs, looks like a masterpiece. The bejewelled circular mirror seems adorable when hung on different heights, offering you the same practical functionality. It is an ideal mirror if you want to establish a sturdy and different theme for your bathroom. Plus, from the minute your guests will step in, they’ll get to play on shapes and light.

  1. A wood-framed mirror to make a real difference

For matching up with a contemporary style of your home, nothing else can help rather than a wood-framed mirror. The best thing is you can easily clean your frame based on the manufacturer’s instructions. A rectangular frame accompanied by wood on the background will make it look stand out. For contrasting aspects, you can place yellow lamps complemented with an artificial flower vase.

  1. A sunburst mirror to grace your walls

Whether it is gilded with gold or flashed with some changes, this sunburst mirror is classic and will always remain timeless. Investing in it will add radiance and divine decoration to your walls for years to come. You can blend it with a long wooden vanity to add dimension to your space. Additionally, the large window on the wall will make the mirror steal the show.

  1. Sculptural mirror to act as an eye-catchy piece

The sculptural mirror creates a drama, adding a “wow” factor to your neutral-looking bathroom space. The unusual shape will make your mirror the focal point of the room and will double the art with its beautiful imperfections. You can use cloakrooms or powder rooms as their canvas and add a bit more drama to it.

  1. Double mirrors are a new trend

If you’ve double sinks, then it calls for two mirrors. Angular mirrors will be the best pair for your bathroom. It will bring symmetry and balance. Furthermore, extra space in between will provide added lighting and design to your interiors. You can even place them over a long single sink vanity too to give the wall more impact without mirroring the whole thing.

Above were a few beautiful mirrors that will help you to add elegance in your bathroom. Wait! Are you in perplexity as to what to choose; each type is looking so gorgeous? No problem! We’ve laid down five tips which will help you to pick the best one for your bathroom.

5 smart tips for selecting the right bathroom mirror:

  • Keep in mind your room’s style: The first and foremost thing you should think about is the kind of aesthetics you’re going to use for your space. If it is traditional, then look out for large mirrors. In the case of modern beauty, select a frameless mirror that comes with a bunch of cool features.
  • Size matters a lot: When picking up the right mirror for your bathroom, you’ll never want it to take up your limited wall space. Look for a piece that will double up on use. Nowadays, homeowners have made medicine cabinet combos a popular choice.
  • Wall of mirrors or a single mirror: Many people decide to build a wall of mirrors to create a style statement. But it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like to see each feature after waking up in the morning, then go for the traditional style and choose a single mirror.
  • Lighting and mirror should work together: No doubt, lighting plays a vital role in your bathroom. Therefore, finding the right kind of lights to emphasise your mirror is always a great idea.
  • Look for the cleaning time: Something to bear in mind while selecting the perfect mirror for your bathroom is its cleaning time. After deciding its size and shape, ask the seller how much time each mirror can take for cleaning. A simple frameless mirror will comparatively take less time than the unusual-shaped or framed mirrors.

Find inspiration for your new renovation project:

In case you’re planning to take a bathroom renovation project, then spend some time to look around for options like bathroom wall decor ideas. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources to take inspiration. To match up with your neighbours, you should also learn about 15 must-have bathroom accessories.

Well, you must have decided for at least one vital element of your room – mirror. The above-listed ideas and tips would have helped you in determining the perfect mirror to tie your space together.

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Hi, I am Mike Morleye, a professional writer and blogger. With my writing, I try to make a change in people’s opinions by giving quality, constructive, and well-researched articles. My specialty is writing on diverse topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.