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11 Tips for Students to Save Money During COVID-19

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Life of a college student mostly means living under a budget and for those of us who cannot resist indulging in luxuries, an existence riddled by debt. Neither of these are enjoyable options, however some smart thinking and planning can lead to a more pleasant and stress free life style. The onslaught of Covid-19 has not make things any easier also. Saving money has become even more important than it ever was before with the loss of employment and overall downfall of the economy. Hence we decided to share some tips for students to help save money in these desperate times.

Internship or a part time job

If your academic schedule allows then the best way to earn money and handle your own expenses is by doing a paid internship or a student’s part time job. Also it will help you obtain valuable skills and experience for the future.

Refrain from impulsive purchasing

It is difficult to stop when you see your favorite handbag or the coolest new tech on the shelves and cannot wait to hand over all the money you have in your pockets to possess them. Whether they are for $7 or more than $100. However, it’s better to wait for these impulse buys when you start to earn a good paycheck.

Take out is not the option

Try to cook yourself as much as you can. Do not depend on eating out all the time. Apart from saving money, home cooked food also helps you keep healthy.

Cut down on vices

Do not buckle under peer pressure and start throwing your money on alcohol and cigarettes. They are both expensive and terrible for your health.

Pay bills on time

Paying bill within the due date is good practice for the future too. Make it your first priority to avoid paying late fee and piling up a load of bills for months.

  • Commute is wiser than a private transport

Instead of buying and paying for the maintenance and fuel of a private transport just commute to college if you are not living on the campus. Also use public transport to go for shopping or anywhere else. You can also opt for walking or riding a bike to distances that are closer which is also a good exercise.

  • Get a roommate

Instead of renting a place on your own and having to worry about all the practicalities yourself with the added burden of academic life, share a room with a friend or friends. With each person paying their part of the rent, grocery and other essentials it gets much easier to manage everything.

  • Avail student discounts

Student discounts are available almost anywhere whether it’s the theatre, stores, restaurants or public transport. Make things easier for yourself by using them and avoid the unnecessary spending of cash.

  • Sell unnecessary items

Do not clutter your dorm room with stuff that you are never going to use or which takes up a lot of space. Sell the useless items and in their place invest in pieces that fit in better and have a lot of room to store your things so that cleaning up is not a hassle.

  • Attend classes

Skipping classes is tempting but do not forget that you are paying for those classes and not attending them means all that money is going to waste. Study hard and make it worth the financial effort.

  • Open a savings account

A savings account is always a good idea at any point in life. So why not have one from college. A credit union account is very affordable for students.

These are some tips you can follow in order to make life easier for you as a student in this harsh period of the pandemic. Be consistent through it all whether it is part time earning as a student or keeping your urges to buy expensive things that are not essential.

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