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11 Must-Have Features for Your eCommerce App.



Blooming technology and new trends every year have created a solid base for businesses. If we look around, we will see that almost everything can be controlled by technology. Computers and mobile phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. 


These portable devices have become a pedestal for eCommerce and businesses. Innovative technology updates give companies opportunities to expand and explore. The eCommerce industry is no different.


With tremendous competition in the market, setting up an eCommerce business was not and will never be an effortless task. To achieve your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will have to figure out why other startups fall flat.  

“Unable to make a remarkable place, 90% of the eCommerce businesses fail in their first year.”

Harsh but true. Now, you must be thinking that. 


Why do eCommerce businesses fail?


In my research, I found that apart from lack of funds, there are many other technical factors which lead to the failure of an eCommerce application. These factors are:


  • Apps are not capable of handling heavy traffic.
  • Online stores are not accessible on every OS. 
  • The site is not easy to use.
  • The site is full of bugs and not thoroughly tested.
  • Page Load Time is too much.


If we look in the history of eCommerce websites, there have been several incidences where we find evidence to support my prior statements. 


For instance, Boo.com, a renowned eCommerce platform, had to shut down due to its lack of adaptability to new technologies. The company went bankrupt within 18 months of launch due to lack of plan and knowledge of the upcoming technologies.

  • 40% of visitors couldn’t access the website.
  • Mac users couldn’t operate the site.
  • The site was complex to use
  • Boo.com was full of errors 
  • Extremely slow to load 
  • Only 1/4 attempts to make a purchase worked.
  • Meager conversion rates (0.25%)
  • ↓ sales and ↑ costs led them to bankruptcy.


But there have been success stories too. I won’t be surprising you if I mention the success of Amazon or Myntra here. Both of these eCommerce platforms are adapting to the latest technologies and digital trends to survive in this competition.


Let us discuss all that it takes to create a successful eCommerce mobile app for retail business.


Must have eCommerce Features for Your Mobile App.

  • Easy Login and Registration:

Streamline the process of signing in to your mobile app by simplifying the registration forms. You can allow customers to use their email address for login or register. You can even add other external login options such as signing in via Facebook account or other social media platforms. 


Experienced eCommerce developers say that easier access translates into a higher conversion rate and sales volume.


“Thumb Rule: Easy entry points makes mobile eStores more accessible.”

  • Support Multiple Payment Options:

Any customer who wants to buy something from your eStore but does not find the appropriate payment option will leave without buying. Probabilities of bad word-of-mouth marketing are also high.


Another thing that you need to consider here is that payment is something most users are sceptical about as it involves personal and bank account details. Hence, it is essential to make secured payment gateways.


“Thumb Rule: Multiple and safe payment options is key to gain customer loyalty.”

  • Verified products:

None of us is unaware of the roaring success of Flipkart. The company also introduced a feature of “Flipkart Assured” where they check the quality of the products and speed of the delivery. But did you know? Flipkart assured is more than just a badge. 


The assured badge is awarded to a product once it runs through Deep technology expertise and supply chain efficiency powering badging process. The Data Scientists at Flipkart have developed a unique algorithm based on the parameters such as 

  • Product returns
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Seller cancellation

And other such product performance criteria. 


“Thumb Rule: Verify products on your basis and use it as a benefit for your business.”

  • Nothing Can Go Wrong With AR:

Have you seen this fantastic feature of pepperfry.com where you can use the mobile app and see on screen which furniture will look good in your room? Or Lenskart’s 3D trial feature which helps you see how amazing you’ll look in the specs you like. All this is possible with the right blend of Augmented Reality in their apps.


Both the eCommerce businesses, as mentioned above, are ruling over their concerned markets as customers love their AR incorporation very much. So adding Augmented Reality in your app will not harm it will increase customer engagement. 


“Thumb Rule: Real-life experimental interactions will help customers make more conscious decisions.”

  • User-Friendly Product Filtering:

User experience is the key to the failure or success of any mobile app, especially eCommerce. Hence, if you provide a wide range of products, then make it easier for your customer to find the right thing in the simplest possible ways.


Use filters based on cost, brand, prints, etc. All this will benefit you in the long run, helping you gain customers.


“Thumb Rule: Great customer experience is the key to your success.”

  • Push Notification is the Game Changer:


“Hurry!! Get flat 50% off on our products for the next 24 hours.”


We often get such notifications, and such offers & ways of spreading the news increases traffic on apps. Majority of the users end up buying one or the other thing as push notification acts as a constant reminder for customers. 


Push notification, when used right, helps in generating more sales as it informs people about discounts and new products. Also, if the upper 3 points are kept in mind, they might end up as our loyal customers too.


“Thumb Rule: Push notification leads to more sales.”

  • Detailed Product Information:

It isn’t easy to invest in something just by looking at its pictures. That is why a piece of detailed information about the product is always the right choice. By providing detailed product information with high-quality images, you save the risk of product returns, rash purchasing decisions, and client dissatisfaction. 


Reports say that 87% of the people buy products based on the description, while 50% of the users return products if it does not match the description. 


“Thumb Rule: A detailed product information helps users in making the right choice.”

  • Custom Branding:

Your eCommerce mobile app should have your custom branding logo and other specific colours representing your brand. This colour coordination will make the app look more attractive as well as aesthetic. 


In my opinion, keeping customers point of view in mind while laying out the features of the app will pave the way to the success of your mCommerce.


“Thumb Rule: Custom branding helps in improving the app layout.”

  • Google Analytics:

Your app is all set and is running well but do you know which product is sold most? Do you know what the peak traffic hours of your mobile app are? I am guessing you don’t know.


So, to measure your app’s full potential use Google Analytics for your eCommerce app. Google Analytics will help you analyze your sales trends and also which product you need to invest in more and where to invest less.  


“Thumb Rule: Use Google Analytics to plan out strategies for your acquisitions.”

  • Use Rewards For Customer Engagement:

Using referral discounts and reward points is an excellent way of increasing user engagement and attracting customers. 


During the initial years of its mobile app launch, Amazon also followed this trick of promoting their app. If your friends downloaded the app using your link both you and your friend were rewarded 200rs in your Amazon wallet.


“Thumb Rule: Attract customers using rewards and discounts.”

  • Customer Support:

When a customer trusts your website for choosing products they need, they also expect you to assist in case of query. Another vital key to the success of an eCommerce mobile app is 24*7 customer support.


Also, as “Modern problems require modern solutions” you can implement chatbots in your mobile app for customer support. All the top mobile app development companies are seeing chatbots as the replacement of customer support personnel in future.  


“Thumb Rule: Chatbots or 24*7 customer support will lead to better customer relations.”


How to choose MVP for your eCommerce app?

You might be a small startup, and implementing all the above features at once can be quite heavy on your pocket. A simple solution to this is to start with MVP.


An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a primary and early version of your app, including only the core features addressing the basic customer needs. 


After having a word with the eCommerce mobile app developers I learned that the smaller your MVP is, the faster you will receive feedback and gain the ability to build an application based on the real needs of customers.



Developing a mobile application for your eCommerce business is an excellent way of increasing business and sales. Many leading eCommerce companies have seen an increase in their sales rate by 47% to 51% because of a useful mobile application.


If you also want your business to be successful, get in touch with a top mobile app development company in India today and start your dream project. 


If you have any other suggestions or queries, feel free to comment below. 


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