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Blizzard, please add a classic mode to Overwatch Arcade.


Overwatch released in May 2016, and the various changes Blizzard has made over the past four years have altered how it feels to play. While it’s remained true to its frantic, team-oriented DNA, players have watched elements of its original concept slowly fade away. Several of its original 21 heroes have undergone fundamental reworks that change how they operate entirely, not to mention the 11 new characters added to its roster. While ongoing support and a steady trickle of new heroes isn’t exactly something to complain about, I’ve found myself losing interest as Overwatch strays further from its original form. 

It’s easy to look back on something fondly and ignore all its faults. While Overwatch wasn’t in a perfect state at launch, its heavy TF2 energy and varied roster was close. Most characters—bar Symmetra and Torbjörn—were viable options with powerful abilities. Matches felt exciting and more chaotic as there were fewer restrictions on who you could play as, or how your team had to be structured. There was more freedom to play and switch between characters as you pleased. Even early competitive seasons felt flexible.

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