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Blind Camera Comparison 2021: iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21 vs ZenFone 8 vs Pixel 5


Ah, the smartphone camera. Such a powerful thing. Some argue it can even replace a dedicated DSLR. With smartphones reaching a plateau in design and innovation, phone cameras remain one of the last active battlefields for manufacturers to show muscles, clever software algorithms, ingenuous hardware solutions, etc.Last year we did a blind test, comparing 2020 flagship phones and it was quite fun to see you guys pick your favorite photos. Spec sheets are one thing, but there’s nothing like a good blind study, as every scientific person would tell you. This time around we’re pitting against each other four phones with very similar price tags and camera configurations. Let’s see if you can tell which is which. 

In the Apple corner we have the iPhone 12. Representing Samsung in the phantom violet corner – the Galaxy S21. The Pixel 5 will fight for Google in this gruesome battle. And finally – the underdog – Asus has sent to the arena the ZenFone 8.

We’re doing this using full Auto mode, just point and shoot. Pick your favorite shot among the four options and vote in the poll below each batch of photos. We’re going to let this one run for a while and then make the big reveal.

Let’s go! We’re kicking off with some nice shots from the main camera in bright lighting conditions.

Daylight photo #1

Daylight photo #2

Daylight photo #3

Daylight photo #4

Daylight photo #5

Daylight photo #6

Now let’s check out the ultra-wide snappers of our challengers. Bear in mind that the wide angle is slightly different in each model, so the pictures aren’t perfectly framed. 

Ultra-wide camera #1

Ultra-wide camera #2

Ultra-wide camera #3

Next we’re zooming in and taking close ups with our four challengers. Just like with the ultra-wide shots, the actual zoom will differ between the phones, even though we’re using the exact same zoom numbers.

Zoom photo #1

Zoom photo #2

Let’s not go crazy with the zoom samples. Moving on to the macro – things are even more complicated here but we’re doing one macro shot, just to add some spice to the mix and maybe throw you guys off guard.

Macro photo #1

It’s time for the night shots. We’re not going to specifically turn any modes on (or off). We’re letting the phones handle this on their own. Everything is on Auto – just like you’d use it if you needed to snap a photo fast. No preparation, no tripods, no nothing. 

Night photo #1

Night photo #2

Night photo #3

Selfie photo #1

Disclaimer: Taking and comparing photos is a complex task, which includes many variables. As much as we try to level the playing field and do these comparisons as objectively as possible, there’s always room for error. 

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