Biggest Car Rental Mistake You Must Avoid

For any traveler, transportation is one of the biggest expenses. Be sure you avoid these mistakes, so as not to get ripped off by paying more.

For almost every traveller – no matter where they’re from or where they’re going, renting a car is a universal issue. Sometimes, you might be able to carry on without driving, but – in several cases – you’ll need to rent a car. With that major car rental thing, you often have to deal with other challenging stuff like understanding and being comfortable with varying car rental rules & regulations so that you don’t end up making costly mistakes.

Inevitably, renting a car offers a ton of convenience for your travel. If you are strategic enough, it’ll not only make getting around much easier but also budget-friendly. Here’re a few common car rental mistakes that you must avoid that’ll help you save money. So let’s dive in;

Renting At the Airport

Unless it’s too urgent, we recommend not renting a car at the airport, or you’ll end up paying double the actual reasonable amount of the rental car. Have you ever noticed why everything is so expensive at the airports? It’s all because the airports charge the premium location fees to vendors for setting up their shops. Different airports have different prices but normally its 10-15 percent.

So for obvious reasons, that fee is going to be passed onto renters. And eventually, you will have to pay more amount. Perhaps that’s the reason why many travelers prefer renting a car outside the airport premises. This way, you can save money while getting a wide range of options.

Not Understanding Penalties

We are all aware that returning a car late will obviously cost extra. But here’s what most of you don’t know; some car rental agencies might charge you extra for returning a car early. When you are dealing with car rental, it’s imperative to understand the finer details of penalties especially outlined on your contract as it’ll help ensure that you are not paying more than what’s needed. Here’re a few important things to keep in mind with regards to the car rental contracts;

  • If you want to avoid paying fuel & convenience charges, make sure you always top up the gas tank.
  • You’ll have to pay a hefty cleaning fee if you smoke in your rental car. So just refrain from this.
  • Always ask that where you need to drop off the location as any change in this will cost additional charges.
  • Besides all the mentioned above penalties, any further breach of the contract will carry penalties as well.

Don’t Rush

Rushing can make you run into the risk of making mistakes. The same goes for car rental agreements. Even if you need chauffeur driven cars for hire, signing the contract without giving care to the fine print might let you pay for things that you don’t actually need to. So just don’t rush and thoroughly read the contract & understand what you are signing.

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