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Best Warzone gun: These are the best CoD: Warzone guns in 2021


What are the best Warzone guns? Most firearms will see you through the early game, but you’ll need a powerful weapon for when the competition heats up later on. Impressive stats are important, but it’s also worth experimenting with different guns to select the best fit for your playstyle.

With over 60 weapons to peruse, finding ten builds that are worth the price of a loadout drop can feel daunting. So, I’m here to help you choose wisely. Here are the best Warzone guns and how they fit into the Season 2 meta loadouts.   

These are the best guns in Warzone

  • CR-56 AMAX
  • FFAR 1
  • Grau 5.56
  • M4A1
  • Kilo 141
  • RAM-7
  • MAC-10
  • MP5 (Cold War)
  • AK74-u
  • LC10
  • ZRG 20mm
  • HDR
  • Pelington 703
  • LW3 Tundra
  • Kar98k
  • SP-R 208
  • M16
  • DMR 14
  • AUG (Cold War)
  • Diamatti 
  • PKM
  • Bruen Mk9 
  • Gallo SA12
  • Streetsweeper

Assault Rifles

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Warzone class: Best Assault Rifles

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