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Best Thin Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020


Thin Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra
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I know a lot of you want to go naked and show off the Galaxy S20 Ultra in all its 6.9-inch glory, but it’s a half-pound, glass-backed phone that is super unwieldy. To paraphrase South Park, if you try to use the Ultra without a case, “you’re gonna have a bad time.” Never fear! Just because you need to use a case doesn’t mean you need to bulk up your phone.

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This ultra-thin case sports both 8-foot drop protection and anti-microbial properties while being made with plant-based materials. The color choices here are distinct and diverse, but I like the blue and cherry.

Best Thin Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020 3

Totallee has been making wonderfully thin cases for years. If all you want is a little bit of grip and some scratch protection, it doesn’t get any better than this 0.02-inch thick minimalist case.

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Ringke is better known for its clear cases, but the Air-S is a sleek TPU case that comes in four fun colors — and black, because every case has to come in black, I guess — and it offers the Ultra grip without big bulk or high prices.

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Thin cases are perfect for big phones like the S20 Ultra. Samsung’s Silicone Cover is a minimalist option that offers basic protection but, more importantly, makes the phone easier to grip. Available in You can get it in black, blue, navy, pink, white, or gray.

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This hard plastic shell is available in six colors and offers some scratch protection and a lip around the camera module to keep your Ultra’s Space Zoom camera lens from cracking or scratching.

$10 at Amazon

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The flexible TPU on the Liquid Air makes it easier to get on and off of your new phone, and the deeper texture here makes it easier to keep ahold of your super-sized S20 Ultra. I just wish it came in other colors.

Big phone, thin case

The S20 Ultra is a whole lot of phone to keep ahold of, and the glass back makes it even harder to securely hold in your hand. That’s why a case is legitimately required for the Ultra, even if you’re used to going naked with your phones. If you want the thinnest case possible with a little bit of grip and scratch protection, the Totallee Thin is a great option.

If you’re willing to go a few microns thicker, though, you can add a feature most thin cases don’t have: drop protection. The Tech21 Studio Colour claims that it can help your S20 Ultra survive drops up to 8 feet, and it comes in a half-dozen bright, cheerful colors. Well, five bright cheerful colors and black, but still, it’s an excellent option for protecting your Ultra without adding bulk.

If you want more options for the Galaxy S20 Ultra (hey, we understand if you decide you want more case after all), there are plenty available.

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