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Best T-Mobile deals right now


It can be quite satisfying to get the smartphones you’re after through a good deal. Finding the better deals, however, is not always as easy as it sounds. That’s where we come in – in this article we’ll tell you about the best T-Mobile deals available right now, hopefully helping you with your next purchase in the process.Psst! If you’re unsure about a certain deal or what qualifies you for it, you can reach a T-Mobile representative between the hours of 4am and 9pm (PT) directly from the T-Mobile website. Simply click on the live chat button on the bottom right of any T-Mobile page.

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Buy an iPhone 11 Pro and get get $1000 off a second one

This is a great deal for family members or very close friends who are looking to both get Apple’s high-end iPhone 11 Pro. You can get $1000 off a second iPhone 11 Pro when you join and add a second T-Mobile line.In our iPhone 11 Pro review we found it to feature huge battery improvements over the previous models, a very solid camera for photos and videos and sporting a gorgeous screen. It’s definitely the phone to get if you’re not keen on Android smartphones or are already deeply reliant on the Apple ecosystem. However, it’s also very expensive, so if you’re really set on buying two of them – you should definitely consider taking advantage of a deal like this.

Buy an iPhone 11 Pro on T-Mobile to take advantage of this deal

Buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and get one free

Similarly to the previous deal, this one only makes sense if you want two of the same smartphone – for example one Galaxy Note20 for you and another one for a close friend or family member.

Check out our Galaxy Note20 review if you’re interested in learning more about this phone, but in short – it is a powerful Android smartphone with a top-notch AMOLED screen and great productivity features. From its signature stylus to Samsung DeX – this phone is a power user’s dream come true. One downside we noted is that Samsung has gone with a plastic back on this phone, which is unusual for such an expensive flagship. Of course, this is a non-issue if you plan on getting one of the many great Note 20 cases available out there, which will cover the phone’s back anyways.

Buy a Galaxy Note20 5G on T-Mobile to take advantage of this deal

Get the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G for $252

On T-Mobile’s website, the Galaxy A51 5G is listed with a full price of $504, but you can get it for $252 with this deal. After clicking the link below, you’ll notice that the Galaxy A51 5G has a small link over it that says “See how to get one for only $252”. There it’s explained that this deal is in effect if you purchase a new Samsung A51 5G on a monthly payment plan and activate a new line. You can then receive 24 monthly bill credits totaling $252.00.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is the Korean giant’s new mid-range smartphone sporting an elegant, thin design and a beautiful AMOLED display. Also, like the name suggests, it now has 5G support. If you’d like to learn more about 5G itself, you may find the following article helpful: “What is 5G? What is my benefit from 5G?”

Buy a Galaxy A51 5G on T-Mobile and get it for $252

Get up to 50% off the new iPhone SE

If you’re after a more budget-friendly iPhone, the 2020 iPhone SE is your best option right now. Its full price on T-Mobile is $399.99, but you can get 50% off with this deal. Simply follow the link below to the T-Mobile website and click on “See how to get up to 50% off when you switch” to learn exactly how you can qualify. Essentially, you need to join T-Mobile and purchase the iPhone SE on a monthly payment plan.

The iPhone SE itself is an affordable, powerful iPhone with modern internals but an outdated appearance. However, it’s fantastic for children or anyone who prefers a smaller phone, or a fingerprint sensor over Face ID. With it’s large top and bottom bezels, it definitely doesn’t look like a 2020 smartphone, but when it comes to performance, it’s a beast. In our iPhone SE (2020) review we gave it a score of 9/10 for the aforementioned performance, fantastic camera, compact form factor and great price.

Buy an iPhone SE on T-Mobile and get 50% off

Get a free Galaxy A11 or Galaxy A10e when you join T-Mobile

This is a fantastic offer for parents or anyone who doesn’t really care about phone trends and top specs, just wants a modern smartphone for an affordable price. And what’s more affordable than free? To see if you qualify for a free Galaxy A11 or Galaxy A10e, simply follow the link below and click on “See how you can get this phone for free when you join”. What you need to do is join T-Mobile and purchase one of those smartphones on a monthly payment plan.

The Galaxy A11 and Galaxy A10e are two of Samsung’s budget options, with the A11 being newer. It was released in July 2020, while the A10e is from July 2019, but visually, they’re not too different. The A10e has a teardrop notch and the newer A11 has a punch hole camera placed on the screen’s top left corner. Internally, they’re both fairly weak smartphones, as expected for their price, but are good enough for social media, phone calls and the general phone things a non-tech-savvy person would be after.

Get a free Galaxy A11 or a free Galaxy A10e by joining T-Mobile

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