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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protectors


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The Galaxy Unpacked event is already in the history books, and after the initial excitement, now’s the time to be practical. If you haven’t pre-ordered a Galaxy S21 device yet, you can check the best Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra preorder deals at Samsung, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Samsung has announced the same three models as last year – the vanilla Galaxy S21 (which is Samsung’s cheapest 5G flagship to date), the Galaxy S21+, and the S-Pen-capable Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but this time they come with substantial changes.

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The design of the Galaxy S21 series is brand-new, with a cool camera bump on the back that seamlessly flows into the frame of the phones. The other big change is that Samsung has decided to ditch the curved edge display in the Galaxy S21 and S21+ (in favor of flat display panels) but kept this feature on the Ultra model. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also the first phone from the S series that supports Samsung’s proprietary stylus – the S-Pen, previously reserved for Note devices.

Let’s say you’ve already pre-ordered the Galaxy S21 Ultra and coupled it with a nice case. The next logical step is to protect the beautiful curved AMOLED display with a screen protector. But before we continue… 

Do Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors fit the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

Sadly, no. The display size is slightly different (6.8″ LTPO with S Pen support vs 6.9″ LTPS) between the two, which means you won’t be able to use leftover S20 Ultra screen protectors on your new phone. Of course, 0.1 of an inch is not that much and you might be able to fit an S20 Ultra protector on the S21 Ultra but it won’t be a perfect fit and frankly, it’s not worth the pain.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protector overall

ZAGG GlassFusion VisionGuard+ with D3O

When it comes to screen protection, ZAGG is hard to beat. The new GlassFusion series combine military-grade materials with the properties of glass to create powerful protection with a smooth finish. The D3O material is the final layer of our GlassFusion screen protection, making it the strongest GlassFusion screen protection of the company —more than 20% stronger than its predecessor. Then there’s the anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector from bacteria and other microorganisms. To top it off, the protective Eyesafe layer in GlassFusion VisionGuard+ filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. It’s the complete screen protection suite and it comes at a price. You can get one for $59.99, but it will probably outlive the Galaxy S21 Ultra itself.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra privacy screen protectors

The privacy screen protector is back in fashion – it’s a clever idea that uses special polarization that makes the display unreadable when viewed from a certain angle. It’s a great solution if you operate with sensitive data on your Galaxy S21 Ultra and don’t want prying eyes around it. Of course, the technology comes with some drawbacks – you need to look at the display dead-on straight for the best viewing experience, otherwise, the image starts to fade. There are already some privacy screen protector options for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but they’re mostly coming from unknown far-east brands, so better wait for a similar product from ZAGG or Insignia.

[1+1] Tempered Glass Screen Protector for S21 Ultra – Privacy+Lens Protector 9H Hardness Anti-Peeping Sensitive Touch Scratch-Resistant

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra flexible polymer screen protectors

The tempered glass might be one of the strongest materials when we talk about screen protectors (there are sapphire glass screen protectors but they’re as rare as unicorns and equally expensive), but flexible screen protectors have their advantages. Given the curved design of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s screen, using a flexible screen protector provides full-screen coverage, easy installation, and some of the polymers used offer self-healing features (such as the ESR Liquid Skin screen protector, or the Spigen Neo-flex). This means that light scratches will fade away with time. Of course, flexible screen protectors don’t offer nearly as much protection as their tempered glass counterparts.

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector – Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra tempered glass screen protectors

Tempered glass is the industry standard when it comes to screen protectors. There are so many models and variants – with curved edges, with or without cutouts for the camera, with various oleophobic coatings, and so on and so forth. The Galaxy S21 Ultra features a curved display which makes things a tad more difficult when you need to apply a tempered glass screen protector. Fortunately, most companies include a mounting frame and other tools to make the process easier.There are some tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S21 Ultra available right now and we can see some different approaches. The far-east brands you can find on Amazon mostly use a full-coverage tempered glass design (take the Feitenn Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Screen Protector for example).

Feitenn Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Sreen Protector Tempered Glass, Transparent Clear Film Case Friendly Anti-Scratch Protector

Some of these feature a UV curing light to ensure full adhesive contact between the protector and the screen – resulting in better touch-sensitivity and responsiveness when using an under-display fingerprint reader. What’s more, UV lamp curing screen protectors are easier to mount on curved surfaces, so watch out for this feature when you’re looking for a tempered glass protector for your Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Some of the Galaxy S21 Ultra tempered glass screen protector designs feature a black border that goes around the protector and covers the whole phone, not just the display. It’s another way to help with installation, as you don’t have to worry about perfect alignment. The aesthetic of such a design is questionable but it’s a matter of taste, after all.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – 4 Pack EGV 2pcs Tempered Glass Screen Protector and 2pcs Camera Lens Protector

There’s another interesting design choice that concerns the selfie camera. Some manufacturers use cutouts in their screen protectors in order not to cover the camera. On one hand, this approach leaves the camera vulnerable to scratches, but on the other – helps with image quality. There are some variations in the design, some protectors use a circular cutout, while others sport a notch.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protectors with insurance

Here’s a really interesting concept. You buy a screen protector AND an insurance for your screen. Gadget Guard for example offers this cool option, along with all the tech behind the glass. If your phone drops and the screen breaks, you will receive some cash towards the screen repair. There are various options available and a screen protector for $69.99 will get you $250 to repair/change the screen if you happen to break it. It’s a neat idea. For $20 extra you won’t need to worry about dropping your precious new Galaxy S21 Ultra and shatter that gorgeous AMOLED.

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