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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protectors


The design of the Galaxy S21 series has been refreshed, with an interesting solution for the camera bump on the back. It’s streamlined and flows into the frame of the phones, creating a unique design. This year, Samsung is returning to the flat displays, after generations of curved panels, pioneered way back in 2014 with the Galaxy Note

. The curved display remains a feature of the Ultra model, as well as the S-Pen support.

Going for flat displays in the Galaxy S21 and S21+ though means that Samsung is following Apple’s lead this time, as the latest iPhone 12 series also features flat panels. Flat displays are stronger and they don’t require cases with huge lips or curved screen protectors. So, this year Galaxy S21 screen protectors are completely flat, which is a good thing for a number of reasons. But first, some clarifications.

Will Galaxy S20 screen protectors fit the Galaxy S21?

Yes and no. Although the display size is identical in both models – 6.2”, the new Galaxy S21 sports a flat display panel. Now, tempered glass screen protectors won’t be able to “unbend” and lay flat on the screen, so those won’t work. Flexible polymer S20 screen protectors on the other hand theoretically can be used on the S21 as they can simply lay flat instead of curve around the screen, so if you have a bunch of those lying around, you can try slapping them on the S21. If you don’t want to experiment with your new gem, the safest bet is to buy a new screen protector.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protector overall?

Our all-time favorite in screen protection comes from ZAGG – the ZAGG GlassFusion VisionGuard+ D3O screen protector if we want to be specific. The company offers one of the most complete screen protection solutions on the market. This tempered glass screen protector uses military-grade materials combine with the properties of glass to create powerful protection with a smooth finish.

ZAGG – InvisibleShield® GlassFusion+ D3O – Antimicrobial Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

The GlassFusion VisionGuard+ Galaxy S21 screen protector comes with an antimicrobial coating that kills up to 95% of human coronavirus and up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria on your screen. To top things up there’s also a special Eyesafe layer that filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light and protects your eyes. It’s not the cheapest screen protector out there, but it surely is one of the best.

Samsung Galaxy S21 privacy screen protectors

The polarized spy-resistant privacy screen protectors will be flat this year. For those of you who are not familiar with this technology – privacy screen protectors use special polarization that makes the display unreadable when viewed from a certain angle. It’s a clever idea but it also comes with some drawbacks. First, you have to look at the display dead-on straight, otherwise, the image quality starts to deteriorate. Second, sometimes these screen protectors produce funny image artifacts, courtesy of the polarization layer.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Privacy Screen Protector Tempered Glass + Camera Lens Protector [Anti-Spy][9H & Scratch Resistant Protection]

Nevertheless, if you work with sensitive information on your phone, these are a great option and nowadays there are privacy screen protectors from big companies such as ZAGG, Belkin, Insignia, etc. If you’ve already registered for a preorder, you can get privacy screen protectors from Amazon (unknown far-east brands) but it’s safer to wait a few more hours and opt for a well-known brand instead.

Samsung Galaxy S21 flexible polymer screen protectors

Normally, flexible polymer screen protectors have one big advantage over their tempered glass cousins. They are easy to install on a curved surface. This time though, since the display of the Galaxy S21 is flat, this big advantage no longer exists. However, some flexible screen protectors offer cool self-healing coatings that will take care of light scratches. Furthermore, these plastic screen protectors are a lot cheaper than tempered glass ones, so it’s definitely a plus if you’re on a budget.

ESR Liquid Skin Screen Protector – Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21

You can get a pack of three flexible polymer screen protectors for your Galaxy S21 for less than $14 – that’s less than five bucks for a sheet. ESR already offers its Liquid Skin screen protector pack for the Galaxy S21, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Of course, flexible screen protectors don’t offer nearly as much protection as their tempered glass counterparts, and this year you don’t have to deal with curved screen installations, so let’s check some completely flat tempered glass screen protectors.

Samsung Galaxy S21 tempered glass screen protectors

Tempered glass is the industry standard when it comes to screen protectors. This material is second only to exotic solutions such as sapphire glass but these cost a fortune and aren’t immune to shattering. So, tempered glass is the way to go, especially with the flat panel of the Galaxy S21.

Galaxy S21 Screen Protector + Camera Lens Film

There are so many models and variants on the market – with or without cutouts for the camera, with various oleophobic coatings, featuring black borders to cover the whole front of the phone and not solely the display, and so on and so forth. There are some tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S21 available right now and most of them use a full-coverage tempered glass design.

TQLGY 3 Pack Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – 6.2 inch

The UV curing light option is a really nice addition, even though we’re not battling a curved display installation here. It ensures full adhesive contact between the protector and the screen – resulting in better touch-sensitivity and responsiveness, especially when you deal with under-display fingerprint sensors.

Feitenn Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy S21 screen insurance

You can’t be too careful with those AMOLED displays, flat or not. Yes, the Galaxy S21 screen is a bit stronger than its curved counterparts but you can still break it. Gadget Guard offers this cool option to buy a screen protector and insurance together. There are various options available and a screen protector for $69.99 will get you $250 for screen repairs in case you break your shiny new phone.

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