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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021


Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases
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We’ve rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy S21+ cases that we could find because we know how important it is to keep your prized and expensive new smartphone safe and protected for its entire lifetime. Some of these cases offer maximum protection while others showcase that incredible Samsung style. When looking for a case from this list, consider the form factor, color, and thickness that works best for you.

Staff Pick

It’s not often that you find one of the best-looking, most-protective cases by a major brand at this price point, but that’s exactly what you get with the Caseology Parallax. Available in Ash Gray, Indi Pink, Matte Black, and Purple-ish, this case blends in seamlessly with your S21+. The textured pattern on the back is both visually appealing and grippable, and the case provides military-grade drop protection.

$15 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 3

Few cases will be able to protect your S21+ from quite as high of a drop as the Incipo Grip. It is rated to protect against falls of as much as 14 feet (but please don’t let your phone drop from 14 feet, people!). The side panels have a nice raised texture that makes it easier to keep ahold of your phone, and the material has antimicrobial properties that can get rid of up to 99.9% of surface bacteria.

$40 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 5

Samsung has been on a sustainability kick in 2021, and this lovely textured case is part of that initiative. Made entirely out of recycled PET bottles, the case not only keeps new materials out of the product stream, but it can be composted as well! The texture makes it easy and comfortable to hold, while still providing protection. You can pick one up in violet, or a stunning silvery gray.

$35 at Samsung

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 7

Spigen makes cases that are simple, pratical, and occassionaly stylish too! That’s certainly the case here with the Liquid Crystal Glitter. The case itself is mostly transparent, which allows you to see the beautiful back of your S21+ device, and the glittery pattern adds a touch of flair while disguising any minor scratches or smudges. Plus, it’s lightweight and very slim.

$12 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 9

The ZAGG Havana may share the name of a southern neighbor of the U.S., but thankfully this Havana is available to all of us here. The smoky transparent cover allows you to see the color of your S21+ while adding a bit of drama, and the textured back panel keeps it secure in your hands. If you do accidentally drop your phone, the D30 material is rated for falls up to 10 feet, and it also is protected with an antimicrobial treatment.

$30 at ZAGG

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 11

ArmadilloTek can always be counted on to be among the first rugged cases to market for a new Galaxy phone, and that includes the S21+. Not only will your Samsung be safely ensconsed in a case that doubles standard military drop-test standards, but all of the cutouts, ports, and buttons are easily acessible thanks to precision cutouts. Even though the case is a little on the chonky side thanks to its kickstand, it still allows for wireless charging.

From $19 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 13

This case gives you all the protection of Spigen’s Liquid Air cases that we love, with the added bonus of a slim, sliding wallet compartment. Store up to two credit or debit cards, or even some folded up cash, or continue using Samsung or Google pay at an NFC reader. Now you don’t need to worry about carrying around a large-ish phone AND a wallet — you can have both in one!

$16 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 15

Otterbox cases may be expensive, but they’ve proven to us time and time again that they justify their expense. The Symmetry line is one of our favorite Otterbox cases, because it brings that vaunted Otterbox standard of protection to a slimmer and lighter profile. You can grab one in classic Black, or spring for something with a bit more personality like Rock Candy Blue, or this Shell-Shocked Graphic pink.

$50 at Otterbox

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 17

To us, this case is easily the coolest case in this roundup. Despite masquerading as a regular silicone case much of the time, when the phone is laid on its face, you’re treated to LEDs that can show you notifications and information at a glance. You can even customize these notifications with an included app optimized for personalization. Pick one up today in violet or white.

$50 at Samsung

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 19

This case is among the more expensive options on this list, but trust us, it’s worth it. It is constructed from an aluminum alloy and coated in a layer of soft rubber silicone for structure, support, and comfort. It features a lanyard hole and protects against dust and debris ingress. You can pick one up in black, blue, or red.

$28 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 21

The beauty of a kickstand case is that it allows you to enjoy videos or join a video chat without holding the phone the entire time. The kickstand on this case blends into the industrial design quite nicely so even if you don’t use it that often, it’s not a distraction. This case comes in either clear or black, either of which should go nicely with the different S21+ color options.

$15 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 23

Large screen phones like the S21+ are great for consuming content, but they can be a burden to keep holding up for those of us with smaller hands. With cases like this one from Huness, you no longer have to purchase an additional accessory like a PopSocket. The metal ring holder/kickstand is built into the rear of the case and can fold down flat when you want it out of the way. It’s also magnetic, so you can attach it to a magnetic car mount.

$11 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 25

Available in three colors that coordinate with those available on the Galaxy S21+, this flip case is the perfect slim cover for those who like a little added protection for their screens. A couple of interesting bonuses here include the window panel on the cover, which allows for viewing time and notifications, and a built-in PIN and SIM card slot in the case for extra card storage. The cover also has magnets in it, which help it stay closed when not in use.

$10 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 27

If you are excited to show off your purple or pink Galaxy S21+, or you like a more minimal look, then a clear case is the way to go. When it comes to clear cases, soft TPU ones like this are more comfortable to hold while still providing sufficient shock absorption to keep your premium device protected. We also like that this TPU case has additional protection at the corners.

$9 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2021 29

Yes, you can find cheaper silicone cases elsewhere, but the ones that come directly from Samsung sure are nice. They are precision-cut, look and feel great, and protect your S21+ the way it was meant to. These are available in colors that match the standard S21+ options, including Gray, Black, Pink, and Violet.

$30 at Samsung

What are the best Galaxy S21+ cases?

We think that the Galaxy S21+ might just be the most popular phone in the Galaxy S21 series, and it should compete for a place among the best Android phones on the market this year.

If you’re looking for the best all-around value, then it’s hard to go wrong with this GEMSA clear case that comes with two screen protectors, perfect for protecting both the front and back of your S21+.

Another way to guarantee maximum impact protection is to go with the Foluu shockproof case, which combines a metal aluminum frame with a rubber TPU covering for the utmost in durability and shock protection. It will cost you a little more, but there’s not much that will be able to destroy your phone when it has this case covering it.

We will be regularly updating this roundup as more and more cases are release for the Galaxy S21+. Don’t forget that we also have roundups of the best Galaxy S21 cases and the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases, in case you opt for the smaller or larger models. You might also want to look into picking up one of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protectors while you’re at it.

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