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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021


Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases
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The best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases will not only keep your new smartphone protected, but they’ll keep it looking as stylish as you are. Whether you prefer a clear case, a flip case, something colorful, or something rugged, with a phone as popular as the Galaxy 21, you have options. Here are some of the best Galaxy S21 cases we’ve found so far. The best part of all is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your Galaxy S21 looking great for the long-term!

Staff Pick

The Caseology Parallax line is one of our favorite cases. It is affordable, stylish, protective, and a pleasure to hold. Plus, it comes in several interesting colors, including Matte Black, Ash Gray, Pink, and our favorite — Purple-ish.

$13 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 3

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor case is low-key one of our all-time favorite smartphone cases. It is thin and low profile, while securely protecing your precious device. The light texture on the back not only makes the phone more grippable than smooth cases, but it is a genunine pleasure to hold. How many cases can you say that about?

$13 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 5

ArmadilloTek makes some of the most rugged phone cases this side of the Pecos, and its vaunted Vanguard collection is one of the best. It is rated MIL-STD-810G, which is double the regular military drop test rating, which means the S21 can survive a drop of up to 20 feet! I comes with a built-in kickstand, is wireless charging compatible, and is available in four colors.

$19 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 7

If it wasn’t one of the most expensive cases on our list, this one just might be our top choice. A smart LED is built into the back cover, which is capable of displaying tet, icons, and animations, and it even allows you to customize these images. This is perfect for all those times when you’ve placed your phone face down, but still want to see any important notifications that may come through. The LEDs are very subtle and not at all distracting, and you can choose between a white or violet option.

$50 at Samsung

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 9

This standard silicone case may not be as exciting as the LED Cover, but it is certain to be the more popular option, as it is much more affordable. The rubbery texture is comfortable to hold in your hand, and it does a decent job at protecting from minor drops. It is available in the standard S21 colors of Black, Pink, Violet, and Gray, and since it’s made by Samsung, you know it will fit like a glove.

$30 at Samsung

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 11

Sometimes the simplest options are the best, and that’s the deal with this case. TPU shells are well-known for their ability to both cushion and protect your phone from drops while still being comfortable in the hand. This case is available in navy blue, black, gray, and red, and perfectly protects the S21’s camera housing.

$8 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 13

This lightweight case offers you a transparent view of your gorgeous Galaxy S21, with a little Smoke-colored shading. The back panel has ridges which make the case easy to hold on to, and it also hasa RepelFlex antimicrobial coating. The special D30 material assures that it has maximum impact protection up to 10 feet.

$30 at ZAGG

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 15

Otterbox has a reputation for making extremely protective and durable cases, and lately the company has been taking that toughness and translating it into slimmer, more lightweight options like the Symmetry series. In addition to impact protection, the cases are coated with an antimicrobial additive that protects against germs. Plus, you can get it in fun colors like Rock Candy Blue, Shell-Shocked, and of course, Black.

$50 at Otterbox

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 17

If you’re the type who wants the ultimate protective case for your phone, this is it. Not only do you get dual-layer protection, but the built-in ring holder on the back means you’re less likely to drop your S21 in the first place. Plus, the ring holder is magnetic, meaning it will stay in place when paired with a magnetic car mount.

$10 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 19

If you like the idea of a rugged case with a built-in grip but want something a bit more traditional looking, then this might be the case for you. It features a mostly clear back, with color accent panels on the sides. The built-in ring holder is perfect for keeping the large 6.2-inch screen firmly under your control, but if you do drop it, the raised edges and TPU material will keep your S21 safe and secure.

$10 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 21

The Incipio Grip is capable of cushioning your Galaxy S21 against drops up to 14 feet thanks to its Impact Strut construciton. Like others on this list, it features antimicrobial properities that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. We also really like this Midnight Blue colorway, and the added textured pattern on the sides which makes it difficult to drop.

$40 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 23

This case makes watching video or conducting Duo or Zoom calls hands-free easier than ever thank sto its unique kickstand, which is adjustable up to 60 degrees. The raised corners and flexible polymer give it extra protection. You can pick one up in black or clear to go with whatever S21 color you choose.

$15 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 25

This case is a little more expensive than some others on this list, but the extra cost is worth it. Its hybrid material design means it’s both strong, flexible, and can protect the sides, back, and corners of your S21. There are raised ridges and a texture on the back that makes the case grippable without adding weight. The back panel is clear to expose the beautiful S21 colors, but you can still show off a pop of color on the sides, with blue, black, purple, and red options available.

$17 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 27

The Spigen Thin Fit case is comprised of hybrid PC and TPU materials, and features Spigen’s Air Custion Technology. It’s lightweight, slim, and well… basic. But sometimes, basic is all you need, or want. This case isn’t going to call attention to your phone, but it’s going to do a fantastic job of protecting your Galaxy S21.

$13 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 29

Clear cases are great for showing off the gorgeous colors of the S21 lineup, but sometimes that transparency comes at a cost — yellowing of the plastic material. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that issue with this military-grade clear case made of a TPU with Blue-Ray technology. The case’s interior is infused with a dot-matrix pattern that prevents rippling and smudges, as does the exterior’s nano oleophobic coating.

$14 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 31

If you’re one of those folks who appreciate the double-sided protection of a flip case, then you just might want to take a look at this offering from FYY. Available in rose gold, purple, or black, it features a slim, magnetic cover that can fold right over the screen, protecting your S21 from scratches and drops. You still get ready access to your speakers, buttons, and ports. Best of all, this case has a viewing window, so you can still see important details like the time, notifications, or reminders even when your screen is covered.

$10 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 33

The Caseology Vault does a fantastic job of balancing heavy duty protection with a slim, lightweight design. It is constructed from a durable and flexible TPU material, and meets military-grade drop standards. If you were to mix a phone case with an armored car and a sports car, this is what you’d get.

$13 at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2021 35

This case offers shockproof protection with a dash of denim charm. The textured back has a pleasant feel in the hand and helps with grippability, and its slim and lightweight profile almost makes you forget you even have a case on it at all. All of the cutouts lineup perfectly and wireless charging works through the case like a charm.

$11 at Amazon

What are the best Galaxy S21 cases?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup is sure to be among the best Android phones of the year. Such premium devices demand the best care, and for that, you’re going to want to pick up a sturdy and stylish case.

My personal preference is to have a stylish case that balances protection, weight, thinness, and feel. To that end, I think the Caseology Parallax is the best overall option.

If you want the most rugged protection you can get, you should consider a case like the Rebex Ring Case. Not only is it built like a tank, but the built-in ring grip helps you keep it firmly in your hands, and its built-in magnet secures it while you’re driving.

There are sure to be more great Galaxy S21 cases added to this list, so keep checking back for updates. We’ve also compiled case roundups for all of the Galaxy S21 models, including the best Galaxy S21+ cases and the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases, if you or someone you know may be considering one of the larger devices. While you’re at it, go ahead and pick up one of the best Galaxy S21 screen protectors too!

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