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Best Ring Camera Alternatives 2020


Ring Camera Alternatives
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Ring video security cameras are very popular, but given recent bad press, many people are looking for the best Ring camera alternatives. There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones, pets, and possessions inside and outside your home are safe and secure from intruders, thieves, or disasters. A video camera setup, particularly one that integrates with a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant, is an excellent addition to any smart home. If you are thinking about getting a smart video camera system for your home and want to see what is available besides Ring devices, consider one of these options below.

Staff Pick

The EufyCam 2 is a one-time purchase, which means you don’t have to subscribe to any cloud storage plans if you don’t want to. This two-camera kit comes with a hub with 16GB of EMMC storage so that you can store all of your recordings locally. Plus, you can still view your camera’s live feeds and recordings in the Eufy app, or via your Amazon Echo Show or Nest Hub device.

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The Nest cameras are the best choice if Google Assistant is your preferred virtual buddy. The IQ line can record at 1080p, has night vision, and can differentiate between stationary objects and people. It can even zoom in on someone as they’re crossing the room!

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Like its indoor counterpart, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is an excellent fit for your Google ecosystem. It features a tamper-proof, 4K HDR camera, weatherproof specs, and advanced person detection that Google calls “Supersight.” As with any Nest camera, to view recordings older than three hours requires a Nest Aware subscription.

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The Wyze Cam Pan is a superb value. For under $40, you get a camera that you can remotely turn a full 360 degrees to track people, pets, or other objects, and you can zoom in on those objects as well. This device is compatible with microSD cards up to 32GB, but you can also get 14 days of videos stored in Wyze’s cloud for free.

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If you want to go completely cloud-free, then the Arlo Pro 3 system might be for you. It’s capable of storing up to 2TB of video through its hub; the only downside is that you’ll have to connect it to your computer to view it since you can’t view it remotely in the app. Arlo does also offer three months of Arlo Smart cloud storage for free, which is a great way to see if cloud storage is for you.

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Any good smart video camera will let you carry on two-way conversations, and many will record audio as well. We haven’t come across a smart video camera that has as sophisticated an audio setup as this one! It has a 360-degree, noise-canceling microphone that is hypersensitive and produces a much clearer, more accurate sound.

$40 at Amazon

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The TP-Link Kasa Spot Indoor Camera can do a lot of what the Nest Cam IQ Indoor can do at a fraction of the price. Of course, you won’t get all of Google’s AI smarts like person recognition. Still, you do get 1080p video, two-way audio and night vision, activity zone monitoring, and compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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Blink is an Amazon-owned company, so it has a lot of the great tie-ins with Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant, without some of the baggage that Ring might bring to the table. It features an insane two-year battery life, free cloud storage, and ultra-easy setup and installation. You can use it indoors or outdoors, day or night, and it has all the features you’d want, such as two-way audio and customizable motion detection.

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This camera was released in late 2019 and is the perfect outdoor guardian for your home. It can see up to 50 feet at night at 1080p resolution and has a 129-degree field of view. The camera includes a 32GB microSD card for local video storage, and you can upgrade that as high as 256GB if you wish. It also works with both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant.

$140 at Amazon

See all, know all

Ring has come under quite a bit of scrutiny this past year over several security scares, data links, and public relations gaffes. These issues have naturally led many to feel uncomfortable choosing that company’s devices to secure their homes and personal data. In light of these concerns, many Android Central readers have been asking for alternative smart video camera recommendations.

Our top pick is the EufyCam 2 because it allows for on-device storage, will enable you to view your data remotely, works with all major voice assistants, and doesn’t require any additional purchases or subscriptions.

If the price of the Eufy system is too steep for you, there are some other good lower-cost options you may want to consider. The TP-Link Kasa Spot Indoor Camera that also works with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, and can be had for under $50, or the Blink XT2 with its indoor/outdoor capabilities and long battery life.

Whichever smart video camera you choose, weather indoor, or outdoor, make sure that you are comfortable with the price, storage solutions, and potential additional expenses.

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